Make the Panama dream come true!

Now that it has become so much easier for entrepreneurial people to immigrate and set up shop in Panama, we thought we'd better provide you with some essential survival tips to keep you safe, dear newcomer, in terms of living, working and doing business.

Racist killer Ron McGrew set free

Ron McGrew killed an innocent Panamanian. First the court convicted him to 5 years in jail, but now we read on the racist killer fanzine Panama Guide that the Supreme Court has apparently overturned that decision and dropped all charges.

Decameron offers gunfight package

The development of a mature tourism industry in Panama is still in its infancy, but the Colombian owned Decameron resort has taken the lead by offering a new spectacular action-packed gangland shoot'em up style weekend package for those who expect just a little bit more excitement than sitting on the beach drinking piƱa coladas.

Medical tourist loses penis

We said it before: Unless you are some sort of a medical thrill-seeker addicted to risky adventures, don't do medical tourism in Panama. And now indeed there is a case of a man who lost his penis because of medical amateurs.