Medical tourist loses penis

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Remember, dear reader, how we warned you almost a year ago that Medical Tourism is a dumb and dangerous fantasy:

unless you are some sort of a medical thrill-seeker addicted to risky adventures, you may want to think twice before heading over for your next breast implant or other surgical procedure.

First of all, we can’t find any reliable information anywhere on how malpractice is being dealt with in Panama. There are no known cases of doctors losing their license because of medical wrongdoing. If something goes wrong, you won’t be able to find legal remedies in Panama’s notoriously flawed and corrupt court system that is biased against foreigners to boot, so it’s a certainty that you’ll be out in the cold with your fucked up breasts.

Well, here's a perfect example of that, which we found on the new Panama Digest website, about a medical tourist who lost his penis at the Men's Quality clinic:

He says that he was given an injection which caused priapism – a painful, persistent erection without sexual arousal that can cause cell death. His erection reportedly lasted 50 hours.

Juan Carvajal, the victim’s lawyer, explained that the clinic had called urologists in Chile who recommended that he go to the emergency room where a medical board told him to have his penis removed or face death.

Anyone who believes this will result in a serious malpractice case in Panama must be solidly out of his mind.

Also: No word yet from our tourism minister/arms trafficker Shamah. But we already knew he is a dick.

5 thoughts on “Medical tourist loses penis

  1. You keep wanting to laugh, but to the dickless guy, it’s no laughing matter. Unless you are putting one over on us again, Okke. Say it ain’t so. The pain between my legs is starting to get excruciating and it isn’t because of priapism.
    Panama is going to have to do a lot with its laws, including its medical and tort laws if it wants to become a tourist mecca for medical tourism. Or any other kind of tourism for that matter. Open for business or not.

  2. Never fear he should be covered under the Minister of Tourism New Tourist Medical emergency and death coverage Insurance!

    He should qualify as this is an life threatening emergency and would seem to be a new safe tourist type activity and does not qualify as an extreme sport?

    How about all those Big rats and Cockroaches that are reproducing and multiplying, while hanging around all that medical waste and garbage that has not been piling up and not picked up in weeks around these Panama City hospitals and medical clinics!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  3. In the newspapers there was some mention that the clinic didn’t even had a license to practice medicine in Panama and apparently the practicing “doctor” is nowhere to be found. I am seriously considering opening my own Clinica de Brujeria, specially now that carnaval is rearing its ugly head and most of my fellow citizens go dumb and become idiots (not that they were too bright to begin with) as these celebrations begin.

  4. I knew that Panamanian politicians were pricks; thus removing them from office seems to be a healthy way to teach them a lesson, but cutting off the prick of a stupid medical tourist seems totally unfair. I thought that only jealous wifes would indulge in such cruel and unusual punishment (?)

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