Racist killer Ron McGrew set free

Ron McGrewRon McGrew came to Panama after he was kicked off the police force when he got mad, got drunk, and crashed his pick-up truck into a patrol car. In Panama, one day he saw someone apparently break into a neighbors’ house, he got a gun and killed the guy, no further questions asked.

Yes, kind of a Trayvon Martin like thing.

First the court convicted him to 5 years in jail, but now we read on the racist killer fanzine Panama Guide that the Supreme Court has apparently overturned that decision and dropped all charges. Writes terrorist PR flack Don Winner:

Ron’s mistake was leaving his own house with the shotgun – if he had killed a robber in his own home no one would have batted an eye. In any case, this most recent decision by the Supreme Court goes a long way to restore some faith in the Panamanian justice system, such as it is.

Had the case been in reverse – Panamanian kills gringo suspected of attempting a burglary at neighbors’ house or, say, Panamanian shoots Don Winner when he harasses women and children as he likes to do – there would be no end to the calls for the death penalty, swift justice, lynchings and so on, because that sleazeball punk Don Winner heads a gang of lunatic right-wing fascists and militia types here in Panama.

And Ron McGrew? He won’t have a life here in Panama because, Supreme Court or not, everybody knows he’s an out-of-control murderer. Maybe he should just go back to drunken police car ramming, for his own safety.

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Okke Ornstein is an award winning journalist, TV/Radio producer and photographer from the Netherlands and currently based in Panama. Specialized in high-impact investigative journalism, his work has led to arrests, questions in parliament and the downfall of many frauds and swindles.

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