Decameron offers gunfight package

The development of a mature tourism industry in Panama is still in its infancy, but the Colombian owned Decameron resort has taken the lead by offering a new spectacular action-packed gangland shoot'em up style weekend package for those who expect just a little bit more excitement than sitting on the beach drinking piña coladas.

Cultural Tourism: Visit the Panama Wall!

Minister of Security Raul Mulino, also known as the "Butcher of Bocas", gifted with a bottomless imagination where it comes to promoting our glorious nation, has announced plans to hermetically seal the border with Costa Rica.

Casco Viejo Taliban kidnap Mir Rodriguez at zombie walk

Of course the third world pompous pricks that pass for "authorities" in our country had to cause trouble at the Zombie Walk, even though the event had the necessary permits. And so corregidor Jairo Morán arrested environmental activist Mir Rodriguez - and hardly any of the zombies lifted a finger. With video!