3 thoughts on “Panama; dirty people in a dirty city

  1. I would note that even the garbage men don’t care about the trash. When they empty the shared trashed receptacle outside of my apartment they scatter a solid 10% of it on the sidewalk.

    The dogs shitting everywhere is also a problem.

    But as you say it’s an overall mentality rather than a specific issue.

    It’s also not an issue of relative poverty as some think because Medellin is beautiful.

    That being said, I learned a long time ago not to try to change people. It’s mentally draining and never works anyway.

  2. Good luck turning a whole culture around: Right, they will not. If you don’t like the country like it is, go somewhere else. I’d like to change a lot of stuff here, but if at the same time the anarchic spirit would be extinguished … rather not.

  3. This situation will change when the citizens of this country decide that they are tired of this. There are some efforts to make changes, such as recycling, for example. But one bank and one store is not enough. It takes time.

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