Massive document leak Pronto Cash

We were in the middle of a server move and overhaul and kaboom! We got a big package. Documents, emails, pictures, all kinds of stuff, directly from the Monte Friesner Pronto Cash lair. And its contents are SENSATIONAL!

Racist killer Ron McGrew set free

Ron McGrew killed an innocent Panamanian. First the court convicted him to 5 years in jail, but now we read on the racist killer fanzine Panama Guide that the Supreme Court has apparently overturned that decision and dropped all charges.

Mark Boswell going broke?

In case you didn't know, my dear guests, you are currently finding yourself at a fundraiser party for our star of the evening, formerly known as "Rex Freeman" and now reborn as Mark Boswell. We all know that he doesn't just feel alone, but things haven't been going too well for him scam-wise either.