Panama joins imaginary coalition to fight ISIS

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Panama police, practicing for ISIS fight? Photo: @protegeryservir

Last week, the Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Panama was joining the international coalition of countries that fight ISIS, also known as the Islamic State or Daesh.

Says the official communique:

En reiteradas ocasiones, el Gobierno de Panamá ha expresado su rechazo en contra de los actos de violencia y las graves violaciones a los derechos humanos cometidas por el grupo EI, que buscan diseminar el pánico, luto y dolor, entre los pueblos de la comunidad internacional.

En consecuencia, el Gobierno de Panamá, sin comprometer los principios de una Nación amante de la paz que promueve el diálogo y la convivencia pacífica de todos los pueblos, ha tomado la decisión de sumarse a los esfuerzos de la comunidad internacional, para combatir el terrorismo en todas sus formas y manifestaciones, así como los actos de violencia indiscriminada, derivadas de la intolerancia religiosa, cultural y étnica.

Heroic words, and beautifully said. But what does it all mean? Nowhere is it specified how exactly Panama pretends to assist in efforts to shut ISIS down. Will they send the police to man road blocks around Raqqa and ask for bribes? Will they do their funny artisan routine making mosaics with packs of cocaine? We hope not. Will they send SENAFRONT to occupy territory like they do in the Darién? They won't last 10 minutes against ISIS. And let's not even mention Aeronaval. No, sending our police over there - it would not be beheadings. It would be a chop-fest.

Panama has no army, no matter how much they pretend and march and play soldier. And that is a good thing, because since we don't go around the world and kill hundreds of thousands of people for freedom and democracy, we don't have terrorism here either. Very simple. So, why not keep it that way?

But there must be something to this coalition business, something Panama can do, surely? Maybe they will stop ISIS shipments through the Canal? Errrr.... what ISIS shipments? Or maybe, just for once, our bankers will refrain from taking dirty money coming out of the ISIS black market bazar of violence and crime?

Oh wait! Panama will send the Cambio Democratico Gladiators, headed by General Slomo Shamah! Or Martinelli, in an act of manic desperation, will launch a kamikaze attack with his klepto-jet or his Hermes helicopter, who knows.

It's not just a mystery with what exactly Panama pretends to join this coalition; it isn't even clear what coalition it is they're talking about.

In case you haven't noticed: There is no international coalition fighting ISIS. All there is are some Kurdish, Syrian and Iraqi militias doing what they can, and irregular and low-intensity bombing by mostly the US and now Jordan. No ground troops, no invasions, no Desert Storm, nothing. And there won't be.

And that is why this so-called "coalition" might be perfect for Panama after all: It's nothing but grandstanding and bragging, hot air and make-believe. "We're doing something! Hasta la victoria siempre!" They must be laughing their asses off at Islamic State HQ.

5 thoughts on “Panama joins imaginary coalition to fight ISIS

  1. No yucca, chorizo, pork, or Plantain will be exported to any Islamic country who supports ISIS or any other known or unknown Islamic terrorist group, that now includes Yemen! LOL!

    The PNP(Panamanian National Police) has all the advanced technical fighting and crowd control gear they need at overinflated corrupted $$$prices$$$ provided by the Capo Martinelli and members of his felonious cd party and their criminal associates!

    Now they can enter the world stage because they can all most match the Islamic Terrorists dollar for dollar for weapons of war and for pure police brutality, even with low tech overpriced machetes, which all the members of the PNP grew up with using, they can out cut, chop, slice, and ravage with the best of them!


  2. Fué algo simbólico y Varela tuvo razón en hacerlo. No puede un país quedarse callado ante los crímenes de estos musulmanes.

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