Massive document leak Pronto Cash

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We were in the middle of a server move and overhaul and kaboom! We got a big package. Documents, emails, pictures, all kinds of stuff, directly from the Monte Friesner Pronto Cash lair. And its contents are SENSATIONAL!

After the weekend, your Bananama Republic will start the week fresh with a series of stories based on the leaked documents.

You wondered how that Friesner relationship with lawyer Herbert Young and legislator Jose Blandon really stuck together? We'll show you the smoking gun.

We'll show how Friesner tried to violate UN sanctions and do business with Iran.

We have documents showing that, despite Friesner being bankrupt, he manages and controls tens of millions worth of assets.

We'll get you the scoop and the latest on the hilarious attempts to run the Panama Sailing School, with ripped off clients, angry employees, stinky boats and fruitless attempts to sell a yacht with no paperwork.

And then we have a plethora of supposedly upstanding figures in the "English speaking expatriate community" in Panama who assist Friesner where they can. They help him, even if that includes committing crimes, like in the case of Brett Mikkelson. They help him, even if they're community leaders of Republicans Abroad, like one Hunter Schultz. Always wanted to know how much Don Winner charges for his advertisements and advertorials? Don't worry, we have the invoices - plus some revealing correspondence between him and Friesner.

Some of the evidence will be handed to the authorities. There are already several investigations into Friesner's illegal financial schemes in Panama, plus we have discovered some new crimes - not all of them by Friesner by the way.

You'll understand: we're in the process of painting our hair white and make a dash for the Ecuadorean embassy. So stay tuned, the fun is about to begin!

7 thoughts on “Massive document leak Pronto Cash

  1. Fuck yeah!!! Bring it on Okke!!! I can’t wait for the fun and games to begin. We haven’t had this much fun since the day they were going to evict Dr. Monte Friesner Ph.D., LL.D., CD.C. from his Bellagio apartement after he tried to steal it from his landlord and fraudulently sell it.
    I feel like a child on x-mas morning. Please don’t make us wait too long for the goods.

  2. oh you tease, I cant believe you would let us hang like this!!!!! we have to wait until monday? we could be dead by monday. How cruel you are.

  3. @frombocas, I couldn’t agree more, i could get mowed down by a diablo rojo tomorrow and never have experienced the joy of examining any of the prontoleaks document hoard.
    @editor, please give us a little Friday afternoon teaser? this is too good to sit on!!

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  5. Friesner can’t go to the states since he was released from prison there. It seems in those emails that he has forgotten how to spell. How long will it take for him to run back to Canada since he is Canadian? Hope they keep him there in jail. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. Since he is probably reading this, Hey Morris do you have any money?

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