Emerald Passport Continues to Lie About Ku Klux Klan McQuirter Involvement

James Alexander McQuirter

Emerald Passport, the Panamanian/Canadian MLM scheme about which we wrote earlier that it employed former Canadian Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizzard James McQuirter, continues to lie about its involvement with the convicted neo-Nazi. On its website, Emerald Passport has posted a statement alleging "falsehoods and blatant misinformation" being spread about the troubled enterprise. It also says that "Mr. McQuirter joined Emerald Passport under the name James Alexander, first as a customer in 2005 and then as an independent distributor and, from time to time, was contracted as a marketing consultant." But that is, in their own terms, blatant misinformation. James McQuirter was and continues to be one of the principals of Emerald Passport and they knew who he was all the time.