Emerald Passport Continues to Lie About Ku Klux Klan McQuirter Involvement

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James Alexander McQuirter

Emerald Passport, the Panamanian/Canadian MLM scheme about which we wrote earlier that it employed former Canadian Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizzard James McQuirter, continues to lie about its involvement with the convicted neo-Nazi.

On its website, Emerald Passport has posted a statement alleging "falsehoods and blatant misinformation" being spread about the troubled enterprise.

It also says that "Mr. McQuirter joined Emerald Passport under the name James Alexander, first as a customer in 2005 and then as an independent distributor and, from time to time, was contracted as a marketing consultant."

But that is, in their own terms, blatant misinformation. James McQuirter was and continues to be one of the principals of Emerald Passport and they knew who he was all the time. And we have proof!

In 2005, while supposedly being an "independent customer", Mr. McQuirter wrote an email to one of the participants in the scheme because that person's website was not in compliance with Emerald Passport's rules:

EPI has posted a Compliance Code which is available to Directors in their EPI back office. As you are not yet a Director, I have included it here. Please read it carefully, and adjust your web site so it becomes compliant with the code. There are MANY areas that are breaking our code. You should be working with your Director before posting a site to ensure it is compliant.
It is your job to review your site and submit back to us that your site has been modified to become compliant.

Please work on this ASAP.

(Emphasis added)

It is quite obvious that this can in no way be interpreted as coming from an "independent client" or "independent distributor" or even an occasional "marketing consultant". The message was signed with "James Alexander & The Compliance Team". The message was sent from International@epibiz.com. Epibiz.com is an official Emerald Passport domain and site and Bananama Republic has learned that "independent distributors" were never given email accounts under that domain. Let alone "independent customers".

The other issue here is where Emerald Passport claims that "Mr. McQuirter joined Emerald Passport under the name James Alexander", suggesting that they were unaware of his real name and identity. This is not just blatant misinformation; it's pure bullshit. Are we to believe that McQuirter has a set of ID documents, bank accounts, credit cards and the like under a fake name? Then, why did he travel to Panama under his real name? And how did the Emerald Passport principals find out who he really was, as they claimed they eventually did? This story does blatantly not check out in any way whatsoever.

In other words: Emerald Passport is lying. James McQuirter was a principal of the organization from the beginning and we have no reason to believe that he isn't any more. They knew his real name, they knew who he was, and they didn't find any reason in his white supremacist past to discontinue their relationship with him as others have done. Draw your own conclusions from that.

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