Massive document leak Pronto Cash

We were in the middle of a server move and overhaul and kaboom! We got a big package. Documents, emails, pictures, all kinds of stuff, directly from the Monte Friesner Pronto Cash lair. And its contents are SENSATIONAL!

RIP Pronto Cash

Mission accomplished! Pronto Cash, the debit card scheme of fraud artist Monte Friesner , his fraud wife Tatiana Nazarova and their lawyer/director Herbert Young, is dead. Gone. Passed away.

Monte Friesner and the mafia

Monte Friesner, of the collapsing Pronto Cash scheme, saw at least three previous swindles implode because of Marvin Elkind, a chauffeur and goon for mafia bosses who became a secret undercover weapon for police agencies around the world.

The Inter Nations Peace Foundation

Convicted serial fraud artist, arsonist and assaulter Monte Friesner has been pumping a new vehicle in his steady stream of fake press releases on his Pronto Cash website; the so-called "Inter Nations Peace Foundation".