Martinelli hammers Pronto Cash

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Blandón & Young, partners of Pronto Cash and Monte FriesnerThese Friesner and Nazarova Pronto Cash lawyers are such WIMPS, dear reader! Light years ago, when we first started writing about Friesner and his criminal past and present and his idiotic antics posing as someone else and sending nude pictures of his wife while running scams, we were summoned at the offices of Blandón & Young, the corporate lawyers of Friesner and Nazarova and Pronto Cash and the fake diplomats foundation. José Blandón is, you should know, a high-profile legislator who was then in bed with Martinelli and the driving force behind our then-mayor Bosco the Clown (gone because of corruption). Herbert Young, in his turn, was presented as a director and shareholder of Pronto Cash.

So we got at Young's office, and in true Panamanian mobster fashion (he was head of the gambling council under the Mireya locust plague, after all) this ass started threatening your humble reporter with massive lawsuits and measures to keep us grounded in Panama without being able to leave ever again. With his party running the government and Martinelli and the Ñamistas busy usurping the powers of the "independent" judiciary, Young & Blandón would, threatened Herbie, get a medida cautelar against yours truly for being so mean against their buddy Monte Friesner.

Well, how quickly times change!

Blandón and Young are now opposition, and it's Friesner, Nazarova and them that are feeling the heat these days for their criminal behavior. As they very well should!

Just days ago, our own beloved president Ricardo Martinelli tweeted how we should be paying attention to the criminal investigation for money laundering currently underway against Pronto Cash and its principals (which includes Herbert Young). Blandón responded saying that the case is a hoax, and even challenged Martinelli to both drop their immunity and have themselves judged in courts.

Which is of course crap because, like good Panamanian lawyers/politicians, Blandón's name has been kept more or less clean with Herbie signing the paperwork and the bank accounts. Blandón then does most of the public crying, which he sometimes alternates with a bit of "defending democracy" to show everybody what a good guy he is (he wants to be mayor himself after using Bosco as a front man turned into a fiasco).

But wait! Money laundering? That's what we suggested a while ago. And we became even more suspicious when Friesner then teamed up with a shady money launderer called Kenneth Rijock who works, as it turns out, for an equally shady Canadian firm, Arton Capital. Could it be that these people, together, funds being funneled through Miami bank accounts to Panama, no clear origin........ Alas, that's for the prosecutors to find out.

2 thoughts on “Martinelli hammers Pronto Cash

  1. Blandon wants to be king not the mayor although he will probably need to be mayor first but one never knows how the political cards may fall.

    He is doing a Balbina from prior to the last election.

    Hopefully he will have the same luck as Balbina maybe the time has come for Panamanians to forget the seemingly perpetual resurfacing of last names be it direct or through, marriage or affiliation to ANY political post elected, named or otherwise.

    Yo se “dream on”……….

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