Pronto Cash fake Panamanian diplomats

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Friesner's fake Panamanian consul to the EU

After having gone through scandals about extremely dumb diplomats and booze pushing and cross dressing diplomats, our heroic nation now boasts fake diplomats, courtesy of serial fraud artist Monte Friesner and associates like lawyer Herbert Young.

Meet Fahrudin B. Handanovic. He is according to the website of one of Friesner's companies, Swiss Hannover Real Estate Corp., the European president of that same outfit, of Financiera Pronto Cash and of One World Financial Solutions - all fraud vehicles of Monte Friesner and his wife Tatiana Nazarova.

And, well, it is just a small step from being president of a scammers outfit to hanging yourself out as a Panamanian diplomat. Because, that is exactly what Mr. Handanovic has been doing, according to news reports in the Croatian press. Mr. Handanovic has been meeting with officials, apparently, posing as the "Panamanian Consul to the European Union" in order to drum up business for Swiss Hannover and other related Friesner companies.


To add the appearance of legitimacy to this charade, Handanovic used the Societe Core Diplomatique, a foundation founded by lawyer Herbert Young, associate of prominent Panameñista legislator José Blandón. Members of that foundation, according to the public registry, are FAHRUDIN BECO HANDANOVIC, LAWRENCE B. HEATH QC, MONTE FRIESNER, TATIANA VIKTOROVNA NAZAROVA, GEERLING JOHANNES OFFEREINS, ZRINKA PHAREC, MARIJAN GROFF, ERVIN POREDOS, BRANISLAV IVKOVIC, MARKO BESKER, LILIANA GAINULLINA, BOZO RUDEZ and MARJAN KRAJNA.

A letter obtained by Bananama Republic shows Handanovic presenting himself as the Panamanian Consul to the EU on letterhead of the Societe Core Diplomatique.

The Core (sic!) Diplomatique foundation has, of course, nothing even close to diplomatic status and is simply a vehicle for a bunch of criminals to pose as diplomats.


The matter has been brought to the attention of the Panamanian Foreign Ministry and minister Varela personally, but no response has been forthcoming. Juan Carlos Varela is of the same Panameñista Party as aforementioned José Blandón, law partner of Herbert Young. On the recommended links section of the Blandón & Young law firm's website, Swiss Hannover is prominently featured just below Blandón's own website.

UPDATE: On LinkVaark, a site that roots out Linkedin oddities and scams, we came across an article titled "Hold on to your wallet: Meet Dean Bouridis and friends". Excerpt:

Dean Bouridis has a deal for you. His company, Pronto Cash, recently sent a letter to a number of LinkedIn Group members. This outfit will finance any amount of real estate for you. All you have to do is show him your money—3% of the total to be financed.

That is indeed Monte Friesner's Pronto Cash. Follow the link and you can see the pitch for yourself - it's a classic advance fee scam, similar to the one Friesner was convicted of earlier in the US.

8 thoughts on “Pronto Cash fake Panamanian diplomats

  1. You’re Baaack!!
    Russian Hookers for Everyone!!!
    So I was sitting with a few Russians and Russian Jews here in Panama yesterday and somehow I brought up Monte… Smiles drained from faces and eyes rolled and heads started shaking back and forth.
    Not even the Russian or the Russian Jews here want to be associated with him…
    “Ve dont associate vit hjim.
    He is a verrry bat man… Very bat.”
    I was wishing you were here to confirm this.. Thank you, sniffle sniffle, you heard me..
    PARTY TIME!!!!

  2. My God! It must be the crazy season in Panama! First Mr. Teak and Noni trees and now Monte and Tatiana. What’s next? Mr. Neo-Nazi again? It must be the approach of dry season. All the fungus and eewwy things that grow under the rocks that are trying to get their last shot in before it gets to dry for them. Ya Think?

  3. Nice to see you back your absence sort of appeared to prod Eric Jackson to get a few more things out faster and with nothing else worth reading that means something here in Bananama

  4. Welcome back!

    Please inform me on how to make documentation available to you which proves without a doubt that individuals are permited to operate an organized crime syndicate within the realm of influence and power of Panmas Government and government assets are made available to them to implement acts of extortion, fraud and theft.

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  6. These people are the gift that keeps on giving. Without them life is dull! I will say though, the photo is sort of creepy. Looks like a dead person after the mortician is done with them.
    @Captain you can always start a blog, PDF all the files, make them available, and publish the link to the blog anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately i think we already know all of that stuff is true without seeing additional proof.

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