Monte Friesner bares all, abandons Panama, starts new scam

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CANADIAN serial swindler and career criminal Monte Morris Friesner has abandoned Panama. He has moved back to his native Canada and his wife and front woman (he himself is still a bankrupt) Tatiana Nazarova is to follow him soon, Bananama Republic has learned. Nazarova spends only two weeks out of the month in Panama, records reveal.

The two have apparently recycled the failed Pronto Cash business - which was closed down by the Panamanian authorities and cut off by Mastercard® due to irregularities and unlicensed activities - into a similar scheme, this time called Alpha Cash Finanz. The logo is identical to that of Pronto Cash and so is the hilarious website prose, which has Friesner's fingerprints all over it:

Alpha Cash Finanz Inc., - The word “greed” is not part of our vocabulary and our service is governed by ethics and principles we hold as individuals and as an organization. ALPHA CASH FINANZ INC., (ACF) is here in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East with offices in Miami, Florida, Moscow, Toronto, Ontario and the Republic of Panama to serve our clients and potentials clients even with our rapid growth and success. Our foundation works with the principles of integrity and consistency of excellence, which our clients can rely on the Republic of Panama. Our mission is to demonstrate these principles in everything we do and every day that we exist as a Financial Group in: (...)

The website then invites us to look at the "wide range of products and services" offered, which includes various brands of debit cards, loans, financing and other financial dealings that in the past netted Friesner years in prison after being convicted of advance fee fraud and money laundering.


Friesner, bare-assed in the kitchen of his former residence in Panama City

Friesner, bare-assed in the kitchen of his former residence in Panama City

Friesner and Nazarova came to Panama after the former had a long career of fraud, dealings with local Canadian mobsters and laundering money for Russian crooks. In Panama, they started the Panama Sailing School, which rapidly became known for ripping off its clients and suppliers, after which professional organizations took their hands off of it. Boats were neglected and eventually the scheme was closed down.

As soon as we began publishing about Friesner's activities, he completely flew off the handle and first started sending us emails under an assumed name, trying to feed us misinformation. That included nude pictures he took of his wife, whom he alleged to be a Russian prostitute.

When that didn't work, he filed various criminal complaints against this journalist for "crimes against the honor", none of which have gone anywhere.

Bananama Republic was later given a cache of emails to and from the Friesner-Nazarova den, and several shocking stories came out of that.

We could report, for example, that Friesner attempted to start a human sex trafficking scheme with someone in Colombia, and he had fake diplomats fraudulently represent Panama in the European Union, seeking victims for his financial scams - an affair that had yours truly featured on Slovenian TV.

None of these criminal activities were ever investigated by the Panamanian authorities.


Quite the contrary: Our most shocking discovery was when we found the evidence of Friesner handsomely paying off lawyer Herbert Young and legislators José Blandón and Alcibiades Vásquez Velásquez to draft and have passed a special law that would favor Friesner's Pronto Cash debit card scheme.

Blandón is now mayor of Panama City and Vásquez is a minister in the Varela government.

Corrupt politicians weren't Friesner's only supporters: A clique of crooked expats and self-proclaimed community leaders cheered him on down his criminal path all the way. His fans included the inevitable Don Winner of the Panama Guide - who makes a living promoting scams and frauds online - and one Hunter Schultz, who headed a bogus helicopter air ambulance enterprise that we exposed, next to being vice-president of the Republicans Abroad Panama chapter.

Various other criminals at one point banded together to have Bananama Republic removed from the web and the Google search index. These attempts all failed.


His legal and cyber assaults not producing the results he wanted in terms of shutting down the publicity about his activities, Friesner then turned to a Miami-based convicted drug money launderer, Kenneth Rijock, who runs a blog. In conjuction with Friesner's own website he started for the same purpose, WantedSA, the two launched a smear campaign against this reporter, his family and friends.

This has not produced any results for them either. We have never removed or changed any article about Friesner, Nazarova or Rijock anywhere, despite their attempts.

The only tangible results are that Friesner, Nazarova and other swindlers they were in cahoots with, like Patrick Visser, have all left Panama with their tails between their legs.


Or have they? We did some searching and found that Friesner's new enterprise is incorporated in Panama (docs) and also registered in Florida as a foreign company (Docs). Directors are the usual cast of characters; Tatiana Nazarova, Hector Navarro and Lawrence Heath, a Canadian lawyer who worked in tandem with Frienser on laundering Russian mobster money, a Russian parliamentary commission claimed.

Monte Friesner may have abandoned Panama, but we're sure we haven't heard the last of him, unfortunately.

5 thoughts on “Monte Friesner bares all, abandons Panama, starts new scam

  1. So with this another aspiring maniacal crime lord is now Leaving Panama behind!

    Who could be left?
    What fulgurant grandiose criminal choreographer?

    The Old criminal himself Sargent E-5 don the wanker super black ops agent who gave out step by step instructions on how to give money(bribes) to Panamanian Public officials here in Panama to further his and other foreigners business deals within Panama illegaly circumventing Panamanian laws!!

    These are crimes which are felonies and expulsionary offense under Panamanian law!

    Let’s us now see who don the wanker real backers are, hence those who stood up for his delusional defrauding victimizing grandiose scams, with his unwavering support of the Criminal CD party, their habitual criminal leader Martinelli along with his criminal family, their business, banking, Real Estate thieves, Natural resources and mining fraud, Governmental employees’, legal, civil, and criminal court associates who looted the Panamanian treasury, and outright defrauded the Panamanian peoples to the tune of over $64 Billion!

  2. Good article. You would do your readers a favor by calling the “Russian mobsters” what they really are — members of the International Jewish Mafia.

    • Let us not forget the real Mafia here!

      The Italians Mafia larcenists and Governemnt who are not Jewish by the way!

      But, they do hold on to more money than god!

      Just ask the Argentineans and our ex-pres capo Martinelli who the real pope is??

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