Monte Friesner in Alpha/Pronto Cash confusion

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Remember how we informed you, dear reader, about Canadian career criminals Monte Friesner and Tatiana Nazarova moving into a "new" scheme, Alpha Cash Finanz?

This Alpha Cash advance fee fraud scam financial scheme is of course a carbon copy of the previous Pronto Cash debit card scam, which was closed down by the government after Mastercard had already pulled the plug on it. Very confusing to see the same logo, same website and read the same demented Friesner-prose.

Demented? Yes, because Friesner is no longer able to keep his scams and schemes apart. Read his latest (emphasis by us):


Tuesday morning and my clients and associates love Panama and placed a large order for the launched Pronto Cash Specialty Cards and are also interested in having us create $5.00 & $10.00 Gift Cards for their supermarket chain in Europe.
Alpha Cash Finanz Inc. is expanding rapidly for 2015 and our offices in Canada are now too small for us.
The economy in Canada is very stable and I enjoy travelling between offices in Panama, Miami, Dubai and Canada.

Pronto Cash, as said, doesn't exist any more because it was closed down by authorities. So many scams, so little time! For the record: Friesner and Nazarova aren't issuing any Visa or other debit cards. It's all bullshit.

The only thing we now really want to see happen is for Monte Friesner to team up with his buddy Patrick Visser of Crypto Next and have them launch an imaginary card that can be funded with Visser's imaginary currency that can be traded on one of the Crypto Next imaginary exchanges. The statements can then be printed on paper made from Visser's Silva Tree imaginary plantation trees. A match made in heaven!

UPDATE: Whenever your reporter writes something about Friesner, you can bet your ass on it that, as if you push a button, his drunken smear-meister, money launderer Kenneth Rijock, will post something about yours truly on his blogspot. And behold! He did it again! It's a mix of the usual gibberish about me being on the run while hiding and so on, with this time added to the mix that Mr. Ornstein is a threat to foreign investment in Panama and he is ARMED AND DANGEROUS! So beware!

Seriously: We hereby announce that we have collected each and every piece of smear and gibberish that has been published about this journalist by Friesner, Rijock, Patrick Visser, Roger Gallo, Tom Lennon, and several others, and we will be publishing this as a book in May/June. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Monte Friesner in Alpha/Pronto Cash confusion

  1. Yes, the wanker can now travel to Panama, Miami, Dubai and Canada with all the additional award mileage he will earn off their sale of these jiffy “A” hole cards.

    Can not wait for my money filled promotion card to arrive via US or Canadian postal services! LOL!

    Is not interstate and international felonious criminal monetary and wire Fraud a hoot!

  2. Panama Immigration has new software technology in their computer systems at the airport and other Panama points of entry that alert Panama Immigration (when a passport is scanned) of a persons “international” criminal history like Monte Friesner’s and Kenneth Rijock’s multiple felony convictions and jail time in the USA and Canada. It appears that Monte Friesner had to move to Canada where he holds citizenship because he couldn’t re-enter Panama because of the red flags raised from his massive criminal history of crime in the USA, Canada and Russia. Monte’s wife (front woman) is somehow able to pass through Panama immigration to access her home and business office in Panama City. Monte Friesner’s criminal partner Kenneth Rijock is also unable to enter Panama and clear Panama Immigration because of his history of multiple criminal convictions and jail time served in the USA.

  3. Monte Friesner also fled Panama due to the pending “mortgage fraud” case pending against both Monte Friesner and Tatiana Nazarova as well as their attorneys that participated in the mortgage fraud. If convicted of this crime they face a minimum of 5 years of jail time in Panama prisons and that won’t be fun but it will be deserving for all of the criminal acts they committed in Panama.

    Don’t worry Okke those of us that know you also know fact from fiction and (Friesner/Rijock) lies are all they can offer in the extortion operation of their two websites. We all know that Monte Friesner, Tatiana Nazarova and Kenneth Rijock and those (few) that associate themselves with them are low life scum of the earth that belong (again) “back” behind bars. Their latest scam “ALPHA CASH FINANZ” will fall on it’s face as it’s unlicensed and operating illegally in the USA, Canada and any other country they claim they have offices. Pronto Cash was a scam and so is Alpha Cash Finanz. USA regulators are currently investigating this situation.

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