Patrick Visser, from Paulowna trees to Crypto Next cybermoney

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After our last update about the whereabouts and activities of scam artist Patrick Visser and his failed attempts at impersonating a Tel Aviv lawyer, the former Paulowna tree hustler completely disappeared from the web. Vanished. Not a trace. His LinkedIn profile gone. His personal website down. The Sustainable Capital Group Panama site no longer available, the business itself abandoned. Another piece of wreckage along a long trail of failure. And Visser himself seemed to have disappeared into a big black hole.

But we found him!


Thanks to a tip from the Isle of Man, we can report that the erstwhile tree, biomass and carbon credit swindler is now promoting a crypto-currency scheme. You know, as in Bitcoin.

The company, incorporated in the Isle of Man, is called Crypto Next. It is apparently a platform that allows clients to set up their own currency exchanges. Says the press release:

The system aims to give 'White Label' customers the ability to "set up their own currency exchange in a matter of hours," select the currency pairings, languages and trading features, and "create a platform that is tailored to their own community." However, users are asked to submit due diligence documents in compliance with the Isle of Man regulations, noted the release.

During a speaking spot at the Inside Bitcoin Conference, co-founder Sharon Greenberg said "setting up a White Label Exchange will be as easy as registering a domain name."

Nowhere on the site - which features the all too familiar name dropping of big corporations - is Patrick Visser to be found. According to our source however, "There are two guys fronting this up - Sharon Greenburg & Asaf Azulay, both based in Tel Aviv like Visser. Visser and his wife Karen were directing these guys while they pitched their concept at a conference in Tel Aviv recently."

Bananama Republic obtained the list of attendees (List-PDF) of yet another crypto-currency conference, the Crypto Valley Summit held in the Isle of Man last September, which lists Pat Visser of Crypto Next as an attendee.


Is there reason to worry? Of course there is, because Patrick Visser is involved. This con man went from real estate swindles and boiler room schemes in Spain to reforestation and carbon trading fraud in Panama and the UK. His most prominent business partner was arrested in Costa Rica for yet another reforestation fraud. Visser teamed up with other convicted career criminals in Panama (money laundering, advance fee fraud) in attempts to silence the negative publicity about him, before abandoning the country and his businesses altogether.

Crypto-currency, as in Bitcoin, is an interesting phenomenon and has a bright future. But it's also a bit of a wild west. It's an environment where, unfortunately, a scam artist like Patrick Visser would feel comfortable because it offers opportunities for people who are incapable of making money honestly. Don't believe us: Just remember the collapse of currency exchange MtGox with millions disappearing in jurisdictions with little oversight.

Bananama Republic sent several emails to Crypto Next inquiring about the involvement of Patrick and Keren Visser, but we never received a reply.

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