Patricius Visser and his fake Tel Aviv lawyer

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(Updated below) Oh my, it seems that tree hustler, carbon credits swindler and land grabbing vulture Patrick Visser is digging himself in a deeper and deeper and ever deeper hole.

First he, together with Keren Visser-Katz and Maurice Sjerps, started this criminal case for crimes against his honor, and it went absolutely nowhere.

Then he tried to have us removed from the web, and that backfired majestically.

Then his business partner got arrested in Costa Rica for ripping off investors with a teak investment fraud.

Then he moved back to Israel, and claims he has resigned as a CEO of Sustainable Capital Group Panama - a company for which he claimed to be working only as a consultant and of which the official registry still lists him as a director.

His reputation in tatters, a string of business failures, caught red-handed in numerous lies and with his hands in the cookie jar - could it possibly get any worse? Well, it just did. It seems that our little Patsy Visser invented himself a lawyer.

On our last post about him, we got a whole bunch of comments from one "Eli Schwartzman." Mr. Schwartzman claimed that he could find nothing wrong with Visser and demanded "proof" for all allegations we ever made. Sure, we're going to do free work for some lawyer who thinks he can make demands in the comment section - keep on dreaming. He closed his comments implying that he was about to do business with Visser: "We have to be sure about the people we do business with and we need to know the truth (...)"

Well, we don't really give a shit about people who insist on doing business with Visser or what they need to know. If you really want to be that dumb, go for it. That's how we look at that, and we told this "Schwartzman" guy so.

But he wouldn't give up, and wrote us: "Mr. Ornstein; you have my full name, email and date of birth and I represent a law firm based in Tel Aviv. We are clearly not too keen to provide further details, since you could potentially use them to taint our name."

A lawyer who doesn't want to give the name of his law firm? A law firm that is afraid of having its name tainted and therefore posts anonymous comments on a blog? His date of birth?

Yeah, right.... Hahahahaha!

He then went on that he couldn't find evidence and that Visser is such a great guy and we're running a vendetta against him (of course we are, with a big "V" for Vendetta. We do that with anyone who tries to have us thrown in jail on trumped up bullshit charges because we've revealed their swindles. Count on it). And then he concluded: "As Israelis, we are known to be direct in our approach and we tend to call it as we see it. We will see whether you will leave this comment or delete it again. Either way it will form part of our report which we will make available to those who would like to request it."

Well, isn't that a coincidence. I'm Dutch, and we have an even stronger reputation of bluntness and calling it as we see it. And this is how I see this Eli Schwartzman charade: This is either Patricius Visser himself or one of his friends and he's not doing a very good job at impersonating an Israeli lawyer (it would be a brilliant attempt if he were trying to pass himself off as his own Panamanian lawyer though). Visser is clearly desperate and fallen off the deep end. In een wakje, as we say in Holland. De weg kwijt and zwaar in de war. Ready for the loony bin.

Oh, and he can of course shove his "report" up his Israeli ass and that of his partners in his "Tel Aviv law firm."

Visser and his wife tried this trick before: At one point I was contacted by someone who claimed to be the new owner of the Sustainable Capital Group. This person wanted to reach an agreement based on the fact that Visser was supposedly no longer involved in the business in any way. That was, it soon turned out, an obvious lie.

Poor Patsy Visser. His career as businessman over. Even a future as a gardener seems questionable. Sinking deeper in the swamp of his own lies and nothing works to turn the tide. But we're always of good will and ready to see the best in people here at Bananama Republic, so here's a tip for Patricius Visser: Try honesty. We know that must be hard. It will cost you lots of time, effort and money. But it's never too late to redeem yourself. And give Mr. Schwartzman our warmest regards!

UPDATE July 11, 2014: Patricius updated his LinkedIn profile and now claims to be working for OMC, an Israeli company that does something with cloud computing and stuff. One of his responsibilities there is "Improved international exposure." Hey, Patsy, we can help with that! Remember how we gave you improved international exposure? Do the people at OMC know who you are, really, and what a reputational risk they've hired?

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