Sustainable Capital Group: Patrick Visser confirms arrest of Maurice Sjerps

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Of course you could wait for it: Patrick Visser of the Sustainable Capital Group (formerly Silva Tree) had to write something on his blog on how he is "moving into 2013".

After the usual blah blah about business plans and presentations and how he got a blurb in La Estrella, he announced that he is moving to Panama this year, because it's no fun any more to fly up and down 6 times a year! Also, we know, his other "projects" - rain forest slashing in Surinam, some palm tree cutting in Mozambique - aren't going anywhere, so all hopes are on Panama for Visser & Co, with his project here that has already changed its setup a gazillion times. And, he and his wife can now hang out forever with his new best friend, the financial fraudster Monte Friesner! Welcome to Panama, Patrick!

He also casually confirms that indeed his business partner and co-leader of the "Sustainable Capital Group", Maurice Sjerps - also from Holland - has been arrested in Costa Rica:

"Ornstein clearly was not in the mood to write anything for about 3 months, but since the unfortunate arrest of Maurice (which we heard of after our holiday and we hope he will be cleared of any alleged wrongdoing soon) he has become very aggressive again."

Sjerps was arrested on charges of fraud and embezzlement after several British investors filed criminal complaints against him and an accomplice. Sjerps sold teak investments and then there was no teak - a common scam in Central America. The vehicle used was reportedly a Panama company called "Global Green Services", of which Sjerps was indeed a directorUnfortunate indeed - for the victims, and of course for Patrick Visser. After all, who would want to invest or do business with a company that leaves a trail of bad news and bizarre court cases in its wake and of which one of the principals has been busted by the police and charged with fraud?

4 thoughts on “Sustainable Capital Group: Patrick Visser confirms arrest of Maurice Sjerps

  1. I see on Monte Friesner’s wanted site it states that you are going down for 20 months in La Joya.

    Please tell me it’s Bullsh*te and that Friesner is just being a prick (again).

    He really does live in a fantasy world.

    • Well, even if the kangaroo court found me guilty, it will A) be time converted to a fine B) immediately appealed for another couple of years of fun, and C) I haven’t heard anything from my lawyer yet and I don’t care enough to go to the court house myself….

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