Patrick Visser is now Patricius Visser – still a scammer

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UPDATED BELOW - WE HAVE a proverb in Dutch, "oude wijn in nieuwe zakken." It means literally, "old wine in new sacks," and it refers to a situation where the same old same old is being rewrapped and presented as something new.

For example, meet Patricius Visser. We all knew him here as Patrick Visser, the head of the Silva Tree reforestation swindle, which then was recycled into Sustainable Capital Group, headquartered in the BVI with its operations in Panama. Because his name is so tainted, he now tries to use "Patricius Visser" instead. Dumb. Won't work. Not as long as we are around.


Of course, everything that Visser touched turned into a disaster. Silva Tree went nowhere. Their projects in Mozambique, Suriname and Kenya all fell apart. Then his business partner, Maurice Sjerps, was arrested in Costa Rica for more scams with teak trees. They re-branded their scheme into Sustainable Capital Group Panama, but it didn't help much. Sure, they spent a ton of other people's money on seedlings and stuff, but they didn't sell. Stories began to emerge about workers not being paid. And so on.

The decision of the three principals, Patricius Visser, his wife Keren Katz and aforementioned Maurice Sjerps, to file criminal complaints in Panama against your reporter for "crimes against their honor" only made matters much worse. Attempts by Visser and his fellow hoodlums to have our stories about them removed from the web and the search engines all backfired majestically. The legal case is still pending in some court somewhere, and all it has done and will do is to guarantee Visser and his accomplices of my continued attention and coverage of their activities.


So, what is Visser up to now? Well, the last we read on his own site - now defunct - was how he failed to swindle the Panama tourism insurance service out of thousands of dollars when he tried to have them pay for the removal of kidney stones that he already had when he last arrived in the country. Of course it didn't work, and Patricius Visser had to max out his credit cards to pay the bills at the Punta Pacifica hospital before they allowed him to leave.

It seems he then went straight back to Israel, where he used to live in between running boiler room schemes in Spain and running scams in Panama with Paulownia trees and carbon credits.


patricius-visserHis Linkedin profile says that he resigned as a CEO from Sustainable Capital Group this month, "due to a desire to seek new challenges." Isn't that what disgraced politicians and corporate crooks always say when they finally get booted?

If he indeed resigned (this might very well be a lie, another attempt to disconnect his discredited name and reputation as a con man from the palm oil plantation business they're trying to do in Panama), what are those "new challenges"?

Well, we went on the internet and we found this: Patricius Visser has recently registered some new domains. One of them is, registered in his name and a company called Investment Property Ltd. at an address in Netanya, Israel. Patricius Visser, the prophet of investment scams, brings the wonders of real estate swindles to the promised land.

That is, if things work out. The websites of SCG Panama, his own, and all his other domains are all down. Stay tuned!

UPDATE May 27: Well, it looks like his sites are back up. That is, his personal site at seems to have been eliminated.

Then: Interestingly, on the web site of Sustainable Capital Group Panama there is no mention whatsoever about Visser resigning as CEO already three weeks ago. Nor who the new CEO is, for that matter. Furthermore, in the Public Registry Visser is still listed as the president of Sustainable Capital Group Panama (SCGPanama.pdf) so we think he's indeed lying - again. We think that SCG Panama is being abandoned, that there is no company to speak of any more, just a hollow shell, and tons of debt.

It gets even more interesting with Patricius Visser's new Israeli venture, Investment Property Ltd. The "about" page does not say anywhere that this is Patricius Visser's latest scheme. Very reassuring - ahem. He offers various property investment funds and some vague sounding Argentinean investment deals (reminds us of the fake wineries escape artist Roger Gallo was once selling there). The website is a piece of crap and the pages have hundreds of spam comments posted on them. So we're sure you're all standing in line to dump your money with this Visser clown!

10 thoughts on “Patrick Visser is now Patricius Visser – still a scammer

  1. Do you have a link to his Kenya projects? I used to live there and would be interested in what he was up to

  2. The Israeli developers are Nobel prize winners compared to Patricius Visser. The guy is just so dumb that we need a new word for it. As long as I have been following him, all his decisions, without exception, have been disasters. And his accomplices aren’t much better: One – Maurice Sjerps – got arrested for a teak swindle and the other – his wife Keren Katz – seems to be as empty-headed as Visser himself. They are incapable of doing anything right and of making honest money. They create enemies everywhere they go. They leave a trail of failed businesses in their wake, plus people hollering for their money. They are a bunch of serial losers, yet they’re so delusional that they actually think they’re winning something. Eventually they will of course end up in jail, or begging in the streets or something, if they don’t change. Which they won’t.

  3. Does anyone have any evidence as to the accuracy of this article? I am looking at doing business with Mr. Visser and he has explained that he is both Patricius and Patrick, explaining that Patricius is his passport name. We were informed (by Mr. Visser) that in the Netherlands it is quite common to have a christian name and a name by which you are called on a daily basis, and this is why both Patricius and Patrick are being used by him. Is this accurate?

    I am making considerable efforts to conduct appropriate due diligence on Mr. Visser and cannot find anything about him, or indeed his wife, in the way of any wrong doing. He provided us with proof of resignation, we contacted SCG and we know there is a new board, and we know first-hand that he is living in Israel.

    So now my question: Can you please provide any evidence that this man is indeed the person you portray him to be, or is there another motive for writing these articles?

    We have to be sure about the people we do business with and we need to know the truth, so if there is anything concrete out there that we do not know about, please let us know. We are interested in evidence not hearsay.

    • I suggest you do a little more thorough research. There is plenty of documented stuff on this site alone. Then again, if despite that you insist on doing business with Mr. Visser I suppose you deserve him.

      • We have gone through your entire site and looked at all the comments and links, but the only documentation you offer is a court verdict against you and proof of his directorships.

        Where do you show that Mr. Visser has done anything wrong?

        Your articles contain some very serious allegations and you must have proof for them, else it would indeed be defamation of character, but this is not our concern.

        It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide actual proof of your accusations and if not we must assume that there is no substance behind your articles and your dispute is of a personal nature.

        Do you know Mr. Visser personally, since you are both from Holland?

        • As I said, I don’t give a flying fuck if you do business with Mr. Visser or not. I’m just saying that if you do, you deserve him. You should do your own due diligence; I don’t have to do that for you – and you couldn’t afford me anyway. Of all the people in the world, you seem determined to make this clown your business partner no matter what, so please don’t let me or this website stop you from embarking on that adventure. Good luck!

  4. It’s always highly interesting when people start demanding here for “evidence” and act as if they are somehow entitled to help with their “due diligence reports” – without even introducing themselves. In the real world it doesn’t work like that of course; you’ll get an email with an introduction, an explanation of what the request is about, some verifiable credentials and contact information. Not some comments on a blog. These are usually just proxies for the scammers trying to repair their damaged reputations with this kind of drivel. Like “Eli Schwartzman” here, who in one of the comments I trashed claims he is a Tel Aviv lawyer and that I have his date of birth, address etc. – which is all total crap.

    A real lawyer does not contact a journalist for information by making idiotic comments on a blog. A real lawyer does not first claim that he is a potential business partner of Patsy Visser and then that he is writing some sort of stupid report. Only in Visser’s smurf world they do.

    It’s not the first time Visser and his wife try this trick. Earlier the “new owner” of the Sustainable Capital Group contacted me by email claiming that Visser was no longer associated with the company and trying to negotiate a deal in which adverse publicity would disappear. That, too, was all complete bullshit.

    • Mr. Ornstein; you have my full name, email and date of birth and I represent a law firm based in Tel Aviv. We are clearly not too keen to provide further details, since you could potentially use them to taint our name. We tried to call your telephone numbers (taken from several times to no avail. The nature of your websites suggest that you like to have public debates, thus you should not have a problem providing valid commentary on your very own website.

      You have now deleted one of my comments, which shows you either did not like the content of it or you did not have an answer for the questions posed. We feel we can now close our report based on our opinion;
      1. The allegations made are false
      2. Many “facts” mentioned by you are incorrect (we have the physical evidence)
      3. Your lack of desire to continue an open debate means you must be running a personal vendetta against Mr. Visser, for which you are not willing to give an explanation.

      As Israelis, we are known to be direct in our approach and we tend to call it as we see it. We will see whether you will leave this comment or delete it again. Either way it will form part of our report which we will make available to those who would like to request it.

      Thanks for your time and shabbat shalom.

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