Keren Visser-Katz, Sustainable Capital Group and Greenrock Invest

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kerenvisserkatzRemember that we were wondering what had happened to Maurice Sjerps and Keren Visser-Katz, two principals of the former Silva Tree outfit now known as the Sustainable Capital Group?

Well, as far as Mrs. Visser-Katz is concerned, we a sort of solved it. On her LinkedIn profile, she lists herself no longer as a director but as a "Co Founder at Sustainable Capital Group."

Then we also saw something else, namely her position as "Marketing Director at Greenrock Investing Ltd."

We did some searching again and, voilá, the Greenrock website is dead.

But no worries, there's always the wayback machine. So on a saved page from August 2012 we read, translated from Hebrew, how they offer a low-risk investment with Constant returns of up to 15% each year, or should we say fixed rates of return based on many years of experience in forestry and trees.

Nobody in his right mind considers forestry investments low-risk, it is impossible in forestry to offer constant returns and SCG did not even have a single year of experience in forestry at the time they ran this drivel aimed at the Israeli market.

On another page, we find the familiar fraudulent misrepresentations about the "Verified Carbon Standard" (VCS) carbon certification that blew up in their face when they were still called Silva Tree. Similarly, on a PDF "teaser", (see cached version here) they write, evidently about Sustainable Capital Group:

Greenrock’s Panamanian partner is an international project developer with experience in cultivating and managing plantations, from seedling production to biomass processing, with projects worth over $100M under management or development. They are the first organisation in Panama to achieve VCS certification for their projects, a coveted international environmental standard.

None of which is true of course.

Keren Visser-Katz, meanwhile, is on this document listed as the "Environmental Director". What happened to the marketing directorship? Who cares? In Lala-land you can call yourself anything you like, no?

Full disclosure: Mrs. Visser-Katz remains a complainant against yours truly in charges for "crimes against the honor" allegedly committed against her. Or maybe that is fake too, who knows.

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