Wanted SA and Kenneth Rijock FAQ

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Maybe you have stumbled upon a website called "Wanted SA" or "Kenneth Rijock Financial Crime Blog" and wondered what the hell that's all about. Because your editor is regularly featured on these websites, we thought it was time to separate the facts from the fiction, so here we go.

What are these websites?

In short: They are attempts at public relations by and for a bunch of criminals. Both the Rijock Financial Crime Blog and Wanted SA are exclusively dedicated to running smear and harassment campaigns, usually in a very childish fashion. That is also reflected in the retarded design of the site, which is wild west themed and features a sheriff badge, among other such symbols. The rampant spelling and grammatical errors do not help either, if the intention was to have the site taken seriously.

Who is behind Wanted SA?

First of all: The name "Wanted SA" suggests that there is a corporate entity behind the site. However, no company with that name exists. It's just a fantasy.

The site is entirely written and edited by one Monte Friesner, a Canadian con man with a string of criminal convictions for everything from arson to extortion and fraud. He lives in Panama and operates Pronto Cash; a fake and unlicensed bank that has been shut down by the authorities pending an investigation for money laundering  and other financial crimes. We have published quite a bit here about his shady financial activities in Panama, and that has apparently triggered this Wanted SA website. His so-called "contributors" are all fake (except for Kenneth Rijock). The site is just Friesner.

Who is Kenneth Rijock?

Rijock is another convicted criminal, for money laundering. He recycled himself as a financial crime expert and was involved in the founding of due diligence firm world-check.com. Sadly though, he has not been able to withstand his craving for crime and sleaze, and so he recently joined forces with Monte Friesner's Wanted SA and a crooked Canadian outfit called Arton Capital.

So, what is it that Friesner and Rijock do?

They do two things. First, they publish a plethora of stories that would in itself be sensational if only they were true. If you believe the duo for example, yours truly has committed suicide years ago, but nevertheless is being called to stand trial on unspecified charges later this month, while at the same time working directly for Panama's president Ricardo Martinelli. These remarkable revelations are then topped off with a number of wacky accusations about child pornography and other such evil. In the wonderful world of underworld PR, the truth is not important; what counts is that as much vitriol is being spouted as possible in the hope that any of it will stick, somewhere.

The second thing Friesner and Rijock do is another sleazy mobster classic: Harassing family. Friesner has been writing about members of your editor's family, and even went as far as calling this journalist's parents by phone, claiming to be a Russian official, and accusing them of being the "real owners" of this website. It seems that Rijock, while working for Arton Capital, has now adopted this tactic too.

Is this some sort of pissing match between journalist Okke Ornstein and criminal Monte Friesner, then?

Ornstein is not the only victim of Friesner's and Rijock's smear campaigns: The duo slings a fair amount of shit in the direction of Friesner's landlord, one Gary Lundgren, too, after an attempt by Friesner to swindle Lundgren out of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of real estate had miserably failed and in fact resulted in Friesner and his accomplices now being prosecuted.

How does Monte Friesner know where Okke Ornstein lives?

Ah yes. He wrote a week or so ago on his WantedSA sheriff badge website that he knows where yours truly lives, whom he rents his house from, and some other details (the "I know where you live" stuff is of course another mobster classic). That information he can only have obtained from yet another Canadian jewel, Cynthia Mulder of the Cerrito Tropical Bed & Breakfast, who is acquainted with the Canadian scammer. Why would Mrs. Mulder jump in bed with someone as slimy as Monte Friesner? Well, that's because she loves slime, and has a reputation to uphold for aiding Canadian scum - read here why and how.

Except for Cynthia Mulder and Kenneth Rijock, does Friesner have other supporters?

He had a whole bunch of them, but they seem to have gone silent. And of course, he bought himself some legal and political support by teaming up with Herbert Young and José Blandón, a legal and political Vaudeville duo whose act involved even fake diplomats. They have since fallen out with president Martinelli, and Herbert Young being a board member and stakeholder of Friesner's Pronto Cash now has become a liability for everyone involved.

Why don't you sue Friesner and Rijock?

The fact that I haven't doesn't mean that I won't. Especially Rijock seems an attractive option, because he's in Miami. For Friesner, since he's in Panama, we're working on a somewhat more tropical solution - if Martinelli doesn't get him first, that is.

3 thoughts on “Wanted SA and Kenneth Rijock FAQ

  1. “yours truly has committed suicide years ago, but nevertheless is being called to stand trial on unspecified charges later this month,”
    No problem: In the Panamanian Criminal Justice system a small bribe to the Fiscal will circumvent the clause in the Codigo Penal that requires the Denunciado to be alive. One can then instruct CCJ to serve the dead man. The summons servers then simply pass into the other side, serve the dead Denunciado, and the take Corridor Sur back from the spirit world to Panama.

    The wild west motifs mentioned appeal to the “Dumbass Redneck Sector” of the Gringo Community in Panama(unfortunately a large sector). So do the spelling mistakes. As this is how most of them learned to spell in US Public Skool Sistem.

    Trying to frighten the women and children of their enemies was probably a more common behavior of the Wild West than the Hollywood heroics of American mythology So in this sense their behavior fits.
    Perhaps the most redeeming feature of these American (and increasingly Canadian) creepy losers is that they until now they have been too cowardly to present a real threat. Suing in the US would be an interesting idea. From my experiences suing or filing criminal complaints against Panamanian crooks in the Panamanian justice system is just a further victimization of oneself.

  2. Friesner’s swarmy “contributions” and your interpretation of them have been and still remain one of my top form of entertainment in this great land.
    Just today on Panama Forum (another great source of entertainment for very rainy days)Friesner was saying how wonderful that “positive news only” web site “escape artist” was. And Mc Nonny has paid his debt to society, while in a later response to comment about his inane post, makes a thinly veiled reference about you blackmailing him. blablabla. I confess. I miss him when he goes underground.

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