Meet Monte Friesner’s scumbag friends (and why he’s toast)

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Ron Davis and wife Esther

DESPITE the fact that there is overwhelming publicly available evidence that Monte Friesner is a fraud artist who has never made an honest buck in his life and left a trail of criminal convictions and victims behind him, he and his wife Tatiana Nazarova can actually count on people who support them among Panama's expatriate community.

We already related on these pages how Canadian Peter Gordon went on a road trip with the Friesners to visit one Mike Hinton, a notorious drunk with a habit of sending death threats to people he doesn't like. Similarly, Don Winner working as Friesner's underworld PR flack is another well documented fact we reported on earlier.

The Friesner crowd includes even worse, however. Take for example Ron and Esther Davis, an American expatriate couple living in Paitilla. They're regulars at Friesner's offices and have been for quite a bit of time, an inside source told Bananama Republic when we showed the picture. Various sources said that pony-tailed Ron Davis actively recruits new victims for Friesner's advance fee fraud schemes. Davis tells entrepreneurs that he knows this "investor", and then hooks them up with Monte Friesner and his wife Tatiana Nazarova.

Friesner served years in prison in the US for falsely promising loans to entrepreneurs, for which he covered an advance fee. The loans were then never provided and he simply took off with the money. It appears that with Ron Davis, he has a recruiting agent in Panama for a similar scam.

Davis, while inviting "prospects" to dinner dates with the Friesners at his home, hypes the Friesners claiming that Friesner and his wife have already successfully invested in 15 or so companies in Panama, making it sound as if they're some sort of venture capitalists. However, the Friesners have only invested in their own schemes, and most are failures. Their real estate businesss "Swiss Hannover" is dead, the website still exists but is no longer updated. The Panama Sailing School has no boats, and Friesner updates its Facebook page with fake whale watching pictures he gets elsewhere on the web. Pronto Cash, say (ex)-employees, has hardly any clients and moved to a cheaper office. Carlyle-Coutts and all the rest are hollow entities.

Marion Ellner (right) on a promotional photo for Pronto Cash

Recently the Friesners attended a dinner party at another one of their good friends, American expat Marion Ellner, who used to run a hair removal business in Florida before retiring to Panama. Ellner, our sources inside Friesner's business say, hangs out a lot at the offices of the Friesner couple. The dinner party also featured yoga entrepreneur Michael Ducharme and his girlfriend, among others.

Ducharme is another good friend of the Friesners, especially of Tatiana Nazarova. One source who visited the Friesner residence recounted how Ducharme was there, "it was almost as if he lived there". Ducharme dabbles in yoga, saunas and various other businesses, together with his family.  Given the close relationship, we were surprised to read Monte Friesner on Yahoo board "Americans in Panama" go on a rant against yoga entrepreneurs:

1. The ones who represent themselves to be lawyer, doctors or even faith healers without certificates or even knowledge. Their excuses are "do not go to a doctor; you do not need a lawyer, I can do it fore less money for you; what do you need a doctor for, let me touch your forehead and you will be cured of your cancer".

2. Then there are the Yoga Therapists, Holistic Doctors, Massage Therapists who portray a more volatile danger especially to retirees who need proper medical attention.

Interestingly, on his friend Michael Ducharme's page it reads:

(...) yoga prevents and cures innumerable diseases including stomach acid, cancer, heart problems, anaemia, appendicitis, arthritis, asthma, backache, high or low blood pressure, loss of memory, breathlessness, bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, cold, cough, colic, colitis, constipation, coronary thrombosis, diabetes, diarrhea, dilation of heart, dysentery, dyspepsia, epilepsy, fatigue, flatulence, gastritis, gout, halitosis, menstrual disorders, migraine, nervous debility, obesity, polio, paralysis, piles, pleurisy and pneumonia, rheumatic pains, sciatica, sterility, thrombosis of the legs, tonsilitis, tuberculosis, tumour of the stomach, gastric and duodenal ulcers and varicose veins.

And then over to Monte Friesner again:

In Panama anyone can be what they want with PhotoShop and forge documents to represent that they are even the Prince of Holland or Lower Slobovia. We have hundreds of real estate agents who are not certified nor registered who will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge which has already been sold many times over.

Hilariously, Friesner's own qualifications are all bogus. His doctorate in economics is a fake from a diploma mill, he hangs himself out as a diplomat which he is not, he claims to be a lawyer without ever having finished law school, his MBA is fake and he was reportedly trying to pay for things using counterfeit Central American government bonds.

Meanwhile, on aforementioned Americans in Panama (which is a sort of the official bulletin board of the Tea Party Abroad), Friesner's shill Ron Davis went on another racist rant about Panamanians:

Has anyone else on this forum noticed that the overwhelming majority of Panamanians, regardless of class, religion, race, or gender continually LIE? For example: they often promise what they can't deliver; they often fail to call you back after saying they will; they often arrive in far larger groups then you have invited them; and, regardless of the number of times you have invited them to your home to eat and to drink, they rarely, if ever, will invite you back to their own homes.


Actually, this generosity of spirit of so many ex-pats is looked down upon by many Panamanians. They all too often steal money from people they believe are richer and better off then they are, almost as if it was their god given right to do so. In short, we have found over the years, that there are too many Panamanians who we would classify as users and abusers of the first order.

Mind you, this, accusing Panamanians of being thieves, comes from someone who shills for Monte Friesner, a convicted thief, fraud artist, arsonist and money launderer.

Even more staggering is the fact that not too long ago, Mr. and Mrs. Davis were featured in a La Prensa supplement (here in English, PDF) where they were quoted saying things like:

According to the Davis’, the people are Panama’s best resource. “We’ve met many very good Panamanians that have traveled extensively, are educated, know the country and even offer advise”.

“What the government is doing is very good. I believe it’s very good when you are extended a discount when you go dining. It’s good that the government is worried about people who have worked so long”.

The Davis’ swim as fish in the water in their new home and walk almost every place. “I like the idea that people are now recognizing us. They call us ‘Johnny Walkers’ because we walk every place”. This is the way they go to the malls, a doctor’s appointment, the supermarket or dining. And the people that see them daily in their walks already know them.

So what happened? We think Monte Friesner's vile language and racist attitude has taken a hold of the couple that shills for him now. After all, to Davis's slander Friesner, who keeps four piranhas at his home as pets, immediately responded with similar bile about his employees:

I completely agree with your view point and perception and would like to add a few words. I operate a yacht company and a sailing school [sic] and our work hours are from 8 AM until 5 PM however, I have noticed that many staff come in at first at 8:10 and the after 3 days it is 8:20 and then many times after 10 AM and their excuses are wonderful to hear.


Out of 13 employees in five years 13 of them requested dire loans just withing days of starting work and not one of them ever paid back a penny.

In other words: ALL his employees are stealing by not repaying loans! The truth, dear reader, is of course that Mr. Friesner's employees abandon him at a staggering rate amidst a flurry of accusations about sexual harassment, bullying and similar complaints.

Friesner, Davis and the unavoidable Clyde Jenkins then immediately teamed up to start what is best described as a Panama Tea Party Online Tribunal, with Friesner throwing in the use of his wife's website wantedsa for "know your customer" searches. True to form, Friesner claims that Wanted SA is some sort of investigative firm, but reality is that the entity does not exist. Yes, another scam.

So far, the antics of Monte Friesner, Tatiana Nazarova and their community of scumbag friends and associates had been more or less contained to the realms of online fora such as the Americans in Panama pigsty. However, believe it or not, but Friesner appears to have landed a gig as a financial columnist at Newsroom Panama, an online publication run by David Young. Young used to be the editor of The Panama Star, which he ran into the ground and which was then closed down.

We asked Young about Friesner now being featured as a "Crime consultant" and financial guru on Newsroom Panama, but have not received a reply.

N.B.: We just saw this. Thanks, Otto, for the heads-up!

UPDATE: OMG, this David Young is soooo lame. Instead of responding, he removed the "Crime Consultant for Wanted SA" from Friesner's byline and added the line "The facts and opinions stated in this article are those of the author and not  of Newsroom Panama" at the bottom of the article. Well, Mr. David Young, this doesn't change the main issue - which is that you have a convicted financial fraud artist as a financial columnist on your publication without disclosing his past - does it? Sort of having Bernie Madoff report for the business section of the New York Times.

N.B. 2: Friesner is toast. Over. Done. Finished. You can stick a fork in him. We put our listening ears out everywhere, called our spies and informants and they all tell us the same: He's history. The crooks with money in Panama avoid him because he's too much trouble, too high-profile with the bullshit he does. Honest people with money run away as fast as they can when they hear him coming. Gullible prospective clients and victims can't escape the publicity and even the idiocy he himself writes about himself on his own websites and on forums. So it's downhill from here. We suppose that soon there'll be a nice apartment in the Bellagio for sale to fund efforts to avoid prosecution and worse. Bye, Monte!

43 thoughts on “Meet Monte Friesner’s scumbag friends (and why he’s toast)

  1. I have seen Ron and Esther before. He looks like a redneck from Alabama… She is very attractive. He must swing it big and to the right for her to stay.

    • Today on the “Americans in Panama” pigsty: The great Don Winner bans any discussion about Bananama Republic, probably because we got our facts right and he never does:

      RE: Americans In Panama – Ron and Esther Davis featured in news blog article

      Really, really wrong. Anything published on THAT website will NOT be a topic of discussion on this net. Don’t even start.

      Don Winner
      Panama Cell: 6614-0451
      US: (845) 514-9893
      Skype: don.winner
      Email: don@…

      —–Original Message—–
      [] On Behalf Of jselwood753
      Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2010 3:46 PM
      Subject: Americans In Panama – Ron and Esther Davis featured in news blog article

      An article in an online blog today, outlines quite a contradiction between what Ron Davis says recently on this group, and what he stated when interviewed by LaPrensa on his view about Panamanians.A bit of, that was then, and this is now. Amazing how a not granting once of a restaurant discount can change someone’s total view of the country they moved to. Open now for discussion and refutation.

      Or maybe he won’t allow discussion because then everybody can see that the FCC never closed us down, as he claimed.


  3. YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR LIFE!!!! Is that so bad?

    Don wrote:
    “Ron and Esther Davis featured in news blog article
    Last post on this thread. Next posters will be banned…

    I was sickened about the Cock fest between Ron, Monte and Clyde Friday -Saturday.. They all seem like bottoms to me.
    Oh great, I just grossed myself out.

  4. NOW I understand why Ron Davis always carries a gun. Never leaves home without it.

    I’d do the same, if I moved in HIS circles…

  5. Well, Ron Davis, a/k/a “Rony the Shitland Pony” posted on the Americans in Panama Tea baggers hang-out the lamest excuse of all times used by crooks, politicians and other losers when they get in trouble for what they say: He said that we quoted him wrong, from that La Prensa article.

    He obviously didn’t realize that we provided the entire article, in English, as a pdf file in our story. And that is the same pdf file anyone can find on the “Panama All In One” tourism website.

    Then again, our little Shitland Pony has a habit of making all kind of unsubstantiated claims and distributing blatant lies – but never directly to the persons it concerns, because gun or no gun, he is a cheap little coward.

  6. Funny.. Monte actually wrote this…
    AFTER Don’s Bullshit lame threat.

    Fri Nov 5, 2010 6:31 am
    Re: Americans In Panama – Ron and Esther Davis featured in news blog article

    Good Morning,
    Excellent article! One question?
    When has Mr. Ornstein ever in his entire life or visitor for the past 10 years in Panama ever told the truth or printed the truth?
    Mr. Ornstein loves to make death threats and then cries when he is charged. Of course some people are not scared or frightened by sweet Okke.

    If Don isnt sucking Montes ass what is?
    Bet Don isnt man enough to ban him…

    Hey Don.. You got a little BROWN on your nose and coming out of your mouth.

  7. I am going to have to shoot this whole approach down too. Nobody serious would take advice from a dude in a pony tail. Unless where to pick up a cheap hooker or a fixed card game. I once had this pony tail dude turn me on to some fake Johhny Walker. Not bad after a few swigs.

  8. One wonders why, if the above comment is true, a former college professor – while saying in interviews that the country is so safe and the people so nice – walks around Panama City carrying a gun?

  9. He carries his gun EVERYWHERE… shopping, restaurants, as a guest in people homes.
    I do not think a gun and a mad man should be in the same location .. ever.

    • I’ll tell you how NUTS he really is.

      Over on Panama Forum, a new member pops up, one Mrs. “Rose Rodney”. And then Peter Gordon replies to her, and the next reply from Rose is posted by Monte Friesner, under his own account, but pretending to be Rose, AND pretending not to know what the Bellagio is – the Bellagio tower being where Friesner lives….

      You’d think that after the “Shanita Ramdin” debacle, he would have learned that he is too stupid for this multiple identity game, alas, one of the characteristics of sociopaths is that they never learn from their screw-ups.

      Both “Rose” and Friesner are posting from IP address which means they’re both in Toronto, Canada, sharing a computer, while both pretending to be in Panama. Isn’t the web wonderful? And isn’t it fascinating to see how quickly Mr. Friesner is disintegrating?

      Also, Mr. Friesner has been distributing all kinds of weird stories about me – which were then redistributed by people like Ron Davis and Don Winner – to the effect that I had supposedly fled the country, on the run for justice, blah blah. Now the only one who seems to be out of the country is Friesner himself. Did he run?

      Anyway, here’s part of the thread:

      — In, Monte Friesner wrote:
      > I do not understand your riddles! What is bellagio? Is that an eating place in
      > Panama?
      > My mother and her husband have lived here for several years when he was
      > transferred from Canada. They met in Ottawa.
      > I responded to you that the work in front of the area was to build islands that
      > I am told will be a much needed element in Panama.
      > Do you sell real estate in Panama?
      > Rose
      > ________________________________
      > From: pg
      > To:
      > Sent: Sat, November 6, 2010 9:14:36 AM
      > Subject: [panamaforum] stirring up gossip
      > crikey Rose, welcome to the double R club
      > folks whose first and last names begin with “R”
      > I know a lady with those initials, and she is No. 1 as a person in Panama, IMHO.
      > Hope you come close to that, and I am sure you will
      > well fair dinkum, I bet my Panama Government connection(s)  trumps (forgive the
      > pun) yours !
      > and off course to your question
      > I hope you find Panama as bonza as I do, and be happy here
      > cheers
      > normie
      > PS….. wanna buy a condo in Bellagio ?
      > peter g in Panama, where the “likes” outnumber the “dislikes” by a million to
      > one
      > On 11/6/2010 7:27 AM, Rose Rodney wrote:
      > >Hello I just moved to Panama and have never heard of such nonsense in life. My
      > >mother is married to a Panamanian who is in the government of Panama and your
      > >statements PG are complete and foolish “hoohaw”.
      > >
      > >Especially the 20 Ex is total misrepresentations! Are you one of the Panama real
      > >
      > >estate hustlers looking to incite people to sell or a poor man dreaming of a
      > >better life?
      > >
      > >As for your traffic unless you mean walking dogs and letting them poop on the
      > >streets; yes there are many and for cars very few except in the early morning.
      > >
      > >Do you live in Panama or just trying to stirring up gossip. You
      > >
      > >Rose

  10. These self serving groups and individuals are truly mental giants amongst themselves.

    To these maniacal ransackers, Panama is a withdrawal to maniacal self indulgence, an abeyance of the concepts within the lack of physical and mechanical execution of the rule of laws they willingly ascend too!

    They act like incarcerated shag buddies, always within a shill, trying to victimize one another and other people they come in contact with, by befriend them, then beguiling them in any assorted way they can without even a reciprocal reach around or thank you!

    Any statement that shows poor judgment, purely false elaborate victimization of other Gingo’s, Expat’s, and Panamanians on their part can not be bemoaned or challenged by a civil or even a polite exchange by oppositional factual documented sources or recourse?

    These individuals treat the Gingo’s, Expat’s, and Panamanians communities as a resource for all their investment scams, Ponzi schemes, informational Dis-informational and fictionally deduced internet publications, with just plain criminal intent and contempt towards all those who reside in Panama.

    These individuals are truly beneath Panama’s cheapest street corner crackhead Prostitutes which they always have profound admiration for and harbor as their loyal friends and neighbors?

    They are nothing more than two year old pimps striving to play within the quick sand labyrinth which is Panama.

    Their toils are bought and sold with less than worthless coinages which have been left in the urinals and haplessly thrown into the gutters by these nouveau elite vulgarian Panamanians which view Panama and it’s inhabitants as their own private subjugated resource.

    Common sense, factual information, moral and ethical thoughts, and reasonable unbiased conclusions elude these pious self serving individuals with their imperceptible editorialized notions, vulgar use of plagiarize content that is more in line with sophomoric preadolescence gossip than a true rational concise mature thought.

    True factual and accurate content are beneath these aberration traffickers of supposition amateurish schemes of greed, and self conniving accession, and collisional conjecture.

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  11. BWAAAA HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Holy SHIT!!!
    I pissed my fucking pants!!!!
    HAHAHA!!!! Hold on.. wait.. no .. HAHAHAH!!!!!!!
    I have been reading you for a while and never respond.
    However this has been the MOST entertainment EVER!
    You can’t make this stuff up!
    Whoa!! This is the best!

    DOUCHE BAG!!! It is like the crap he wrote on his page where in the SAME sentence he goes from 1st person to 3rd person…

    Okke * Aggressive, often violent behavior; prone to getting involved in fights – CHECK. CONVICTIONS FOR ASSAULT






    ( he changed it to say “he”, but I am sure Okke has it saved somewhere like a pro.. .Good Job Mr Ornstein.”)

    They say that only the elderly and children talk to themselves in the 3rd person..
    Oh look!

    “Referring to yourself in the third person is possibly a trait of the narcissistic personality disorder. PTSD can exacerbate any psychological disorder or mental health issue — or, of course, trigger new ones!”

    Read more at Suite101: Psychological Disorders: Symptoms, Treatments, & Statistics of Psychological Problems

    And if you have not read This….

    Monte **** CONCLUSION:

    A “Violent Vomit?” and “SKUNKY SMELL IS ON FIRE”
    WTF?! Is this man in grade school.

    There is a God….

  12. If there was a god, god would have sued Friesner long ago or asked for his money back or something. Freedom of expression rararara, and viva la freedom of expression, but someone HAS to shut this sick f..k up. CUANDO???????

  13. For the record, I’m really pissed off that this guy Ron Davis is doing a very poor job of impersonating me. For one thing I hate pony tails and, for another, I like women with a bit more meat on their bones.

  14. Impersonating Kenny Rogers? Bullshit! That’s the photo of a loser trying to pass himself off as me. And by the way Kenny, easy on ponytails. By the way, I prefer women without a frog’s mouth.

  15. you guys are funny.
    did you see the douch bags latest rant on AIP?

    Poor, poor Jselwood. No one made us leave the U.S.A. – contrary to your mistaken beliefs [again]. Secondly, I am not a big fish in Panama, any more than I was in the U.S.A., so once more, you are mistaken. Thirdly,I think you are a naive [even mistaken] person if you think a person in “your” country should not protest/complain when he sees an injustice being done [such as someone stealing money from an ex-pat’s pocket]. Fourthly, I bet you can’t differentiate between what you mistakenly call arrogance and someone seeking justice?

    And your last comment – oh so cruel, jselwood – proves to me that YOU are not a nice man, maybe even a little bit ‘fishy’, uhhh, suspect? There are people who do indeed have eye problems on this forum and there you go making fun of them [so far, to date, fingers crossed, I do have any eye problems. Cross your fingers for me jselwood].

    Finally, as I already informed Clyde, my fonts are running amok – like you – whether I am e-mailing/printing/or reading stuff off of the Internet. So once again, you are wrong with your assumptions. Maybe we gotta’ start calling you wrong way, Jose? Hey, I like that rhyme.

    Ron Davis

    What a bunch of shit.. oh my computer is running amok
    No Ron you ass hole YOU are running amok.. and you suck.. oh look .. im a poet and didnt know it!

    Someone PLEASE Shut this fuck-face up.

  16. Seems that David Young finally removed Friesner’s article from the business section of his Newsroom Panama website. But not a word, or any explanation. Which is strange, because either Young really didn’t know who or what Friesner is, in which case a “thank you” would be in order to those who pointed that out to him, or he DID know who Friesner is in which case I’d be more than interested to hear what made him publish and then remove the story.

    Lame, again.

  17. I would think he did not know. If you do not partake in the forums and do not read the Bananama Republic (heresy), you would not know. Usually if you take down an article, there is no explanation as to why, is there? suffice to say it is gone. He did the right thing. An old geezer he may be, but he does not have a history of knowingly being a PR tools for fraud artists, does he? Which is more than I can say about a certain other web “news” site.

  18. Monte giant RAT! your are messing with the wrong people man watch your back! theres people in this world that know too much about you, you should start watching out with what you say!

  19. Believe it or not, but it seems that even Don Winner has had enough of Monte Friesner’s multiple personality antics. Winner, who has had no problem repeating Friesner’s wacky fantasies (your author would be on the run in Costa Rica/Ecuador, be on the verge of being extradited to Russia, be indicted in Canada, the US and Russia, had his websites closed down by the FCC and more such insane drivel) and publish them as “news”, replied on the Panama Forum Yahoo group with a “that’s it” to Friesner’s public mixing up of his own name and the assumed identity of “Rose Rodney”. There have been no posts by Friesner on Winner’s “Americans in Panama” Yahoo fiefdom since. Only on Panama Forum is Friesner still allowed to continue his charades, or so it seems.

    More isolation for the sociopath fraud artist.

  20. I would like to add that the douche bad Ron the shit head pony is also no longer there either!
    Don should not let the trash play on the computer.
    Do you know how nice it is to NOT READ THINGS THAT ARE ONLY WRITTEN IN LARGE FONT AND ANGRY..when you just want to read about panama?!
    I feel like dancing…
    adios fuckfaces! (not you guys.. those guys!)

  21. Just one more info for those interested in this wacky character: Monte Friesner is a regular commentator in Don Winner’s Panama-guide under the name “Sailor1945”.

    • Ron Davis, a/k/a “Rony the Shitland Pony”, tried to post a comment here:

      Yo, you ugly, evil, little, psychotic man – it is “the cheap little coward” here. I just stumbled upon your cesspool of a website [11/11/10]. And having now read the garbage you choose to call news [whew!], I have an interesting offer for you which – given the ‘fact’ that I am a cheap [I always thought I was expensive], little [well, not exactly], coward [we shall see whom among us is the coward – please read on] is as follows:

      How about you and I, okkefeenokie, meet in Parque Marina at a time of your choosing [as long as you have bathed prior to] for a full discussion of our differences. Wait!! I have an even better ideal: Why don’t we sell tickets to this little event – the winner getting to donate all of the the funds to his [or in your case, her] favorite charity? I” tell you what: I’ll bring my seconds – perhaps, Monte, Don Winner, Mike Hinton, Clyde Jenkins [and so, so many, many others], – and you can bring Dr. Dias [wait! that’s you!], Kenny Rogers [wait! that’s you], John R [ wait! that’s you also] and anyone else you want to use as seconds [Willie Nelson included – wait, that’s also you!]. No? O.K. then: How about you bring the guy who killed Monte’s dog with you as your second? Another no? Then how about the guy who beat up Clyde? Again I sense a no? How about . . . too many to name right now.

      Now since I am ‘the coward’ and you – in your own mind – believe you are not [like, right!], it should lead to an interesting discussion and interchange of ideas. Debate is always good for the soul assuming, of course, you have a soul?

      So, what say thee to my generous offer to benefit some worthwhile charity here in Panama with a, umm, debate?

      Me likee. I hope you do too?

      Ron Davis
      P.S. Now, okkeefenoke, no deletions/editing/twisting of the above – I expect you to print my letter to the ‘editor’ in its entirety. After all, only a coward would twist someone else’s words – and you are not a coward, are you, little man?

      As a rule, we don’t meet with expatriate mental patients in Panama City parks, and less so if they carry guns around, so how about this: We sue Rony the Shitland Pony for distributing demonstrable falsehoods. He loses. We take everything he has. Bye!

  22. Please God, do not let this thread die – there is nothing else as funny anywhere else. I will be good and say my prayers every night. Amen

  23. @FromBocas: Don’t worry about it. These people are gifts that keep on giving. I heard that Monte Friesner announced that wantedsa (more on them later) is opening an office, where all his different personae will be working together.

  24. I happen to know for a fact that this shit head RON CUNTFACE has seen this before.
    His line about .. “I just stumbled upon your cesspool of a website [11/11/10]. ”
    is fucking BULLSHIT!
    on “Thu Nov 4, 2010 5:43 pm Ronald Davis
    Re: Americans In Panama – Ron and Esther Davis featured in news blog article
    Hi JS,
    The article that was published in La Prensa newspaper in their [then] weekly magazine called “Mosaico” about my wife and myself ……..
    ….Secondly,you were truly suckered by one Mr. Orenstein ….- ”
    See here douchey bag.. you are a big at stinky skunk fart violent vomit like Monte.
    Oh and this is classic.. Ronycunt ends it with..

    “Now put the truth in your pipe and smoke it.

    Are you kidding me?
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    What is wrong with you monkeys? I was going to say men, but you guys are closer to the other side of the missing link then we normal people.
    The only one out of THAT Motley Cru of fuck ups you say you are going to bring ” Monte, Don Winner, Mike Hinton, Clyde Jenkins [and so, so many, many others], ”
    that has a teeeny bit of my respect now is Don for dumping your CUNTFACE from AIP. I guess the 800 gorilla in the room was you HAHA!!
    Do they know that they are part of your horse n PONYCUNTface show?
    Well tell you what fuck face.. you might bully your wife, you “friends” people who dont deserve it, because it makes you feel big and manly.
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  25. Help me! I thought Montie would have bean dead by now from all my hoooker sex. Now he no longer can get his penis up and so i cannut use my sex more with heem.
    I hate my life. i cry because so many people think im bad persoon.. but im not. im only bad when u pay me to be bad. I have no freends and my daughter is a monster.

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    On may 2008, Ron Davis entered our home while we were out. He took my Goldfish and … He overfed my fish, then flushed the agonizing fish down the toilet while it was still alive.

    We knew this happened when we got back home and received an email from with a youtube video of him laughing while the fish was spinning down to its death. Then he said “if you don’t leave Monto and Rono alone, this could happen to your family”.

    Luckily none of us fit on the toilet so we felt a little safer then… now he reappears!!! Why nobody puts this people in jail or take them out of the country!

    My fish tank will never … be the same.

  27. Mr. Webmaster, could you kindly let me know the exact whereabouts of Monte Friesner so that I can send my people down to Panama?

    exactly what do you need? this rat used to cheat on his wife Tajtiana with me so i pretty much know everything about him, maybe a little too like his gay tendencies when his mini rat pipi stopped working…
    his house, apartment #, cellphones, house phone, time he gets out to work, lunch, cars he has JUST ASK!!!

  29. vat? montie has sex wit you?
    montie said he cannot gett peenis up no more! We visit Ron home edf peninsula in paitila. 28 floor.
    He hs many nice things. monte says i have to go wit him to Rons and Esther because he say i am in charge of all business. If i do not listen to montie he will feed our daughter to the piranhas. we have them. i wish i had sex. it is ok to go to ron home because i imagine him beating me and sexing me and screaming at me “VER IS DA MONEE???
    oh. baywatch. maybe we can have sex.. i JUST VANT SEX.

  30. There once was a man named Monte,
    Who asked for me for an advanced fee,
    Then I find out Col. Crashley’s dead,
    and Monte’s secretaries won’t give him head,
    And he’s got a fake PhD

  31. I wonder what Cuntface Rooney is doing.. Not a peep from him.. Does anyone know what fester looks like?
    He IS the asshole in “let the asshole have the last word”
    This must be like him watching his wife getting fucked after having his hands chopped off.
    Except he cares about his reputation..
    He is the kind of guy that likes taking punches.. it shows.. he is pretending to be smart. Like one of those retard kids.

  32. I just pissed my FUCKING pants!!! have any of you read the FUCK ups on AIP!?!? Clyde Dons MULE broke Don’s RULE!!! and Clyde should be booted!! According to Wankers IRON FIST RULES!!


    Is Don wanker going to be true to his WORD
    or is he going to be a PUSSY CUNT FACE like the REST OF THE GANG
    and let Clyde( the ugliest man on the planet) help him moderate!?
    Yeap! Pissed My self again!!
    Golden Shoooowerssss In my room!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!

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