Exodus at Monte Friesner’s “companies”

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THINGS are not going well for Canadian serial scammer Monte Friesner and his myriad of schemes in Panama. Our sources inside his offices told us how Friesner goes around yelling and screaming and slamming doors while making random accusations against his employees of leaking information to Bananama Republic, calling us "nazi jewish smut bloggers" and promising us financial ruin - at this point he usually has to stop to wipe the foam off his mouth.

His terrorizing of his staff has led to a situation in which most employees are now actively seeking other work. Just weeks ago, customer care manager Katherina Matos quit as she couldn't deal with Friesner's aggressive behavior and constant accusations any more.

Katherina Matos

Oddly enough, her picture still features on the Pronto Cash Facebook pages, where president Mrs. Tatiana Nazarova writes about her: "I have been posting photos of the many staff members of ProntoCash and one of the most important positions is that of Manager of Customer Service which is Katherina who has been with me over two (2) years. Yes, many of my staff have been part of me for a long period of time. They are diligent, loyal and hard working, but what would expect? - This is Panama and the people here are wonderful."

Isn't it just tragic how even such wonderfully abusive labor relations come to an end in a paradise like Panama?

Update: We're told that Maribel González, of the accounting department, also left Friesner's hellhole.

However, Matos is only the last in a long list of employees that either resigns or is fired by Friesner, with accusations of sexual harassment, theft and espionage flying back and forth:

Jahaira Morris: Quit after 1 week.

Yasireth Mas: Sexual harassment, Friesner told everyone she had gonorrhea.

Lisseth Hall: Filed a criminal complaint against Friesner for sexual harassment.

Marina Piano: Was his assistant and Friesner accused her of theft without ever backing up that claim or filing a complaint.

Shirley Rios: Friesner's in-house lawyer. She quit when Lisseth Hall quit because she was Hall's witness.

Claudia Espinosa: Worked at the Panama sailing school and quit.

Lucy Cardoze: Kicked out, Friesner accused her of spying.

Yoel and Patricia: Fired from the Panama Sailing School for unknown reasons.

Luz Moreno: Fired from the Panama Sailing School. Friesner alleged that she was using the office to prostitute herself - after she had rejected his advances.

Gianella Torres: Fired from the Panama Sailing School.

Itzel Molinar: Kicked out after a sexual harassment case.

Evijaem da Luz: Quit.

Martha Serrano: Fired.

The coming and going of employees at Friesner's offices is not mirrored by the frequency of new clients coming in, sources tell us. Pronto Cash, the prepaid card flagship of the Friesner Panama network, is not attracting many customers - there's probably little confidence in depositing funds in a card provided by a convicted financial con man protected by a string of rogue lawyers.


Talking about Pronto Cash, it appears that mediocre web design companies are competing for credits for the design of the no less mediocre Pronto Cash website. We were first alerted to a blurb on the site of hilimedia.com announcing the launch of pronto-cash.com in Panama. Hilimedia is part of a business network that includes one Ursula Kiener Ford and appears to be run by one Mackenze McAleer who is on the face of it not just a bad web designer (templates with minor adjustments is as good as it gets) but obviously doesn't do any due diligence or vetting of his clients either.

Yet, when we actually visited the pronto-cash.com website, on the bottom of the page it gives a design credit to something called Design Compass Corp, owned by a guy called Ivan Komlev, and which on its portfolio page features similarly horrendous designs to that of Hilimedia. And again, it seems that the vetting process for new clients is not part of the business process there either. These people just accept whichever crazy antisemitic crook knocks at their front door as their valued customer.

So, who really did design the pronto-cash.com page? The only explanation we can come up with is that unscrupulous designers have somehow made an agreement to share the blame for that trainwreck of a website.

Not that it's very important, but crappy web design seems to be the common denominator among the expat crowd that hangs out with Friesner. In addition to Friesner's own sites and those of his designers, the site of scam pimp Don Winner where Friesner pumps his shady ventures is not likely to win any design awards either. And then we stumbled upon thepanamaconnection.com (wear sunglasses!) - no further comment necessary - which is owned by Mr. Michael G Hinton, a notorious drunk with a habit of sending death threats to people he doesn't like. Not too long ago, the Friesner family was accompanied by Canadian/Australian expat Peter Gordon (of HSBC fame) on a trip to visit Mr. Hinton. Gordon, who operates on message boards as a bit of a shill for Monte Friesner, had the following to say about that trip:

I went with him to Mike Hintons place as I saw an opportunity to kill 3 birds with one stone, namely to meet Mike and see his property, visit Dennis Melton, meet Mr. Freisner, and lastly but not the least, I love puppies, and I wanted to see Mike's 10 or 11 new puppies.

Ah! They were looking for a new poodle!

24 thoughts on “Exodus at Monte Friesner’s “companies”

  1. I recently sat at a dinner with this freak of a man. Upon the arrival of a couple Monte sat in a chair and when the gentle man introduced his date to the group, Monte said, ” you guys can stay at our place, I get to sleep with her” and points at the young lady..
    The young woman looked like a deer int he headlights of a Mac truck.
    After the dinner, as they were leaving he said.. “I was serious, stay at our place but I get to sleep with her”
    They could not leave fast enough.
    The man is vile.

  2. At this dinner he would not shut up! Shoving food in his face and talking. Spitting food out as he spoke.
    He repeated the same story about a “F**king Jew Nazi smut blogger” “I will ruin his family.. They are all NAZI JEWS COLLABORATORS!! ( wait.. isnt he jewish?)
    “That F**cking JEW NAZI COLLABORATOR called my wife a whore! “(said in front of 8 yr old daughter)
    I listened with fascination as he single handedly got one guy to say.. “Wow! That guy is an asshole! It took repeating 15 times and just 15 minutes of brainwashing. ”
    What I have seen, can’t be unseen.

    • * Persistent lying or stealing – CHECK. CONVICTED MULTIPLE TIMES FOR FRAUD AND THEFT.
      * Apparent lack of remorse or empathy for others – CHECK. CONTINUES WITH SIMILAR SCHEMES, HASN’T PAID BACK VICTIMS.
      * Poor behavioral controls — expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper – CHECK. SEE FREIDA’S ACCOUNTS OF DINNER PARTIES. MANY MORE EXAMPLES AVAILABLE.
      * A history of childhood conduct disorder – NOT KNOWN.
      * Tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of others – CHECK. HARASSMENT. LEGAL HARASSMENT AGAINST FREE SPEECH. HAD ME FOLLOWED AROUND, PICS OF MY HOUSE TAKEN.
      * Aggressive, often violent behavior; prone to getting involved in fights – CHECK. CONVICTIONS FOR ASSAULT AND ARSON (HE BURNT A HOUSE WHILE PEOPLE WERE STILL IN THERE).
      * Inability to tolerate boredom – APPARENTLY.
      * Disregard for right and wrong – CHECK. NO FURTHER EXPLANATION NEEDED.
      * Irresponsible work behavior – CHECK. “WORK” ISN’T EVEN THE CORRECT TERM FOR WHAT HE DOES.

      Conclusion: The guy is a classic sociopath!

  3. Why don’t all his victims get together and file a class action suit against the most ridiculous serial scammer and sexual harrasser in town – Wild Monty Friseur?

  4. @Freida. The dinner party sounds delightful. If you are a repeat guest perhaps you could write a guest column here. With all that other serious stuff, Monte is about all the entertainment we have been left with.

  5. Way to go Okke. Yet another scumbag brought down. I think Panama will give you an endless supply of imported and homegrown scumbags. I always feel bad for honest Panamanians, particularly those of limited means. Most of us can leave this shit hole of a country but they can’t.

  6. There are 2 more out.
    He hired 1 illegal colombian, gave him a room on a boat then kicked him out and accused him of robbery.

    There’s another colombian who was a captain and was also fired.

  7. How is here able to live here legally? He told me and everyone else he is a convicted felon.
    Come on Okke, break that story too!

  8. Freida.

    Section 453 of the latest amendment to the Immigration Law recommends that all foreign nationals entering Panama have a criminal record. Preference is given to crimes of fraud, pedophilia, extortion. It is a part of a new trend to give preference to those foreigners who share Panama´s vision.

    Although not a prerequisite, criminal records have been shown to indicate a propensity to adapt well to the Panamanian way of life, hence holders of criminal records are given preference . It is part of a broader social experiment instigated by President Martinelli.

    Panama has decided to become the first official country that operates entirely outside of conventional legal restrictions . Rather than having to break laws Panama has decided that the elimination of law is the way to go. They are eliminating the hipocrisy of a legal system.

    The first step is to officially exempt the police from the restraints of law and judicial systems. After all if the police have no rules then it will be relatively easy to convince the remainder of society that, really, law is a waste of time and things work much more smoothly without it.

    A small psuedo-legal system will be retained, but instead of a special branch it will, for cost saving and efficiency, be put under the control of the President. It will be used by the executive branch to protect the state from dangerous elements, members of opposition parties who don´t tow the line and pesky indians and their silly claims to land.

  9. My daugther, Katherine Mendez, worked there with that asshole. After she rejected his sexual advances, he fired her and accused her of using the corporate credit card to buy personal stuff on multiplaza and zona libre de colón.

    Thank god someone has exposed him. Please contact me if you need any information to file against him.

  10. Dear Octavio – My sympathy to your daughter – what a hideous thing she must have gone through. To be exposed to the advances of this vile and gross individual. I am nauseated at the thought. Hopefully she has filed something against him. I think it is high time that he sees la otra cara de la moneda. Should he have a monopoly on lawsuits? I think not. Pile it on. Please.

  11. It seems this article has hit a very sensitive nerve with Mr. Friesner. On his wantedsa website, he shows he’s spitting so much drool over his keyboard that he can’t even spell right any more. He’s completely losing it – not that he ever had it, but still.

    Чижик-пыжик, где ты был?
    На Фонтанке водку пил.
    Выпил рюмку, выпил две —
    Зашумело в голове.

  12. Monte Friesner “crime consultant”…. and a “Fossil” called “Young” . I think i have broken a rib falling off the chair laughing.

    • @FromBocas: Yes, the editor in chief of Newsroom Panama, who goes by the inappropriate name of David Young, formerly of the Panama Star.

      One more note about the lawsuits thing. If you look at who owns Friesner’s stuff, who runs the businesses, etc. etc., everything points to one Mrs. Tatiana Nazarova. So why sue Friesner? Something to think about…

  13. Nice ball cap and necklace on Dr. Friesner in that foto. Imagine getting sexually harrassed by that creep. yuck.
    The only monte I like is the kind you smoke.

  14. Wild monte is so transparent…he loads up so much wholesome bull shit on his FB sailing school profile, with Kabbalah teachings, fake photos of whale watching, (so obviously from google searches…cause they’re all different frame sizes and resolution), random yachting news with all his fake profiles commenting on them…what a “quack”! Then you have wantedsa…with his hate rants and random news on Okke and Iran…as he gallivants around town pretending to be a Dr / lawyer / economist / crime consultant / commodore / captain / business man… and the funniest is, he actually believes himself! This guy was so certainly dropped on his head as a child…with that greasy face…and slutty smirk…mouth like a prison pussy!!! Even though I look forward to new articles and comments about monte, I’m sure the clock will stop for him sometime soon…tick toc doc….you F’n FRAUD!!!!!!

  15. “Why sue Friesner”? if nothing else to shut him up. Someone PLEASE wipe off that smirk off his face. On the other hand, as I have said before, he is sort of all we have “good laughs” wise, so I am conflicted. Then again, maybe not. I am sure we can count on another “Friesner” sooner or later. This place is a magnet for these people. Geez, makes me wonder what are WE doing here!?

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