One flew over the Friesner nest – Facts behind the fiction

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Friesner and Winner meeting. Medication time!

Yeah, it's a bit difficult to keep track of all the shit flying around Monte Friesner's head these days. We know. But hold on: The facts of the matter are really simple and straightforward.

After a first article about Mr. Friesner's past and present appeared here, outlining his many past convictions for fraud and related crimes and his current shadowy and unlicensed financial endeavors in Panama, your reporter started receiving a series of wacky emails from one "Shanita Ramdin". Mrs. Ramdin claimed to have all sorts of intimate knowledge about Friesner and his family, which she felt the urge to share. These emails contained allegations ranging from Friesner's wife having been a high-priced call girl to Friesner being related to people involved in the Murcia scandal, Russian mobsters and then some.

It would have been spectacular material, if it were true. But it wasn't. Already after the first email, it was quickly established that it was Mr. Friesner himself who was sending these emails, obviously in some wicked attempt to set a clumsy trap. One of the emails had some nude pictures attached of what Ramdin/Friesner claimed was his wife.

Let's quote here just one -unedited - example of what Mr. Friesner wrote about himself, while pretending to be "Shanita Ramdin":

Subject: Re: More Friesner
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 06:24:15 -0500
> Mr. Okke,

> I forget to tell you that monty is not jew. He was found by his family in poland and he is german. He pretends to be jew but hates jews and many times tells bad things about them. He hates people from Israel.

> Tatyana has over 1000 ladies working in Panama, Columbia and other countries for escort. It is good that she is also telling you many things so you can see. She is very successful business lady. Monty and she were in big fight in October becasue monty hates drugs and Tatyana smoke.

> I llok for inforamtion about school but monty does not give my father anything about the school. Monty thinks we are still friends but we hate him. I know that monty owns over 800 game machine sin Panama for slots and a lawer called garrido is the main partner and keeps the documents. The company is called my luxury lifestyles. Monty sent to my fatehr each month statements and they are real. I am an accountant and know. The company is making about $340 thousand each month and monty gives 50% to garrido and sends the rest to Spain to HSBC.

> He told my father on friday that he will close everythign in Panama before june. My father told me this morning at breakfast that Tatyana has sold the company pronto cash to Russians and they are coming to Panama on January 26 from Amsterdam. This is true, Monty tells my father everything.

> Monty has also another wife and her son in Canada that can help you with inforamtion. She also hates him and Monty does not like his son because he uses drugs and went to a drug rehabilitation center many times. She was in Panama before and tried to make trouble for Monty. He told my father that he had her followed every day with men from a special division of US in Panama.

> His son try to take money from Monty and Monty took him out from the will. Monty wants his blood to be pure like the Germans. Monty leaves everything to his otehr son Sasha who lives in Moscow with the mother. Tatyana also has a lot of money for her daughter and her.

> Mr. Okke, in April of 2007 monty was in Afghanistan sldo with my father and went to a palce called Mazue El Sharif to inspect a factory that makes drugs and took photos. My father saw Monty give the camera to a man in a coffee shop 1 hour later. Three hours later the Americans bombed the plant and destroyed. Strange.

> Be careful writing to him. Monty installed a special electronic attachment that tells when someone goes into the server and computers. This is a friend of his from DEA in Panama who works with Monty also. My father had lunch with this man many times. Monte is dangerous. Please do not write to my other email because it is dangerous for my job.

> Monty has business associate in Geneva and Amsterdam whose name is Adrei Slavenkov. He is Russian Jew and hates Monty and loves and protects Tatyana. He workd with Monty but protects Tatyana. He also knows a lot about Monty.

> I am going to lunch now

> That is it, No more.

> Shanita

Again: "Shanita" doesn't exist. All the above gibberish is written by Monte Friesner himself, and was sent by him, from his computer, over his internet connection. This has already been proven, experts have been consulted, evidence has been secured, and if Mr. Friesner is now claiming anything else it just proves that he is, in fact, nuts.

An article on the website containing all the emails and the pictures of Friesner's "wife" was taken down not because nothing could be proven or there would be any problem with it, but because yours truly didn't think it fair to have innocent third parties - like small children - suffer just because Mr. Friesner has serious mental problems. We did inform one of Friesner's lawyers, Herbert Young, of this decision, by the way.

Not long after that, we discovered that Mr. Friesner's financial companies were founded and led by a dead man. Friesner was and is in fact abusing the identity of a deceased Canadian decorated war hero for is flim flam financial schemes in Panama.

We also found out that one of his many victims (Friesner's specialty is advance fee fraud) obtained a federal judgment in the US against Friesner for no less than $11,000,000.00. And he wants his money.

Then Friesner filed a criminal defamation complaint against his own son, his ex-wife, his former web host and yours truly (no mention of "Shanita Ramdin" anywhere in the complaint). In it, he alleges a "conspiracy" to commit "extortion" using "stolen materials" and somehow Mr. Friesner got slandered in the process. Here's the whole thing as a pdf. What he of course doesn't mention is that there are no "stolen materials" and there is a profound lack of evidence to back up the extortion accusation, most likely because there never was any extortion.

In fact, the only extortion going on here is Mr. Friesner and his henchmen trying to get us to take down everything published about his unsavory past and present frauds. Well, keep dreaming, bozo, but that ain't gonna happen.

If nothing else, the criminal complaint and the coverage of it by Mr. Friesner's PR agent, the serial scam pimp Don Winner (who has yet to write one single line that contains any truth about this freak show), offers a fascinating insight into the minds of the mentally disturbed. To go as spectacularly off the deep end as Winner and Friesner are doing these days to us suggests that we're dealing with an undiscovered yet potentially dangerous tropical psychiatric ailment that men in white coats should take from here instead of the public ministry. Who knows, there might be Nobel prize material here. Or a movie.

(See also in The Panama News: Prosecutors adopt Canadian career criminal's defamation charge as their own.)

4 thoughts on “One flew over the Friesner nest – Facts behind the fiction

  1. The only call girl in this saga is Don Winner, jumping in bed and offering his ass to any fraud artist willing to take a shot at shutting down free speech. What a pathetic prick.

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  3. The thing with Don Winner is that these crooks are his clients before anyone even writes about them. He met with Friesner on occasion, and Winner isn’t so stupid that he doesn’t do at least a google search so he must have known who Friesner really is. Same with these arms traffickers, Rex Freeman, Tom Rowley and so on. He is simply an underworld PR man, there is no way to avoid that conclusion.

    This is actually a well-established and documented pattern, because even here Winner is not unique; others have preceded him down this path. It usually starts with types like Winner sucking up to crime bosses because they think this gives them the inside scoop and it makes them feel important. But what happens is the contrary of what they think they’ll accomplish: they can’t write anything any more because that would be seen and dealt with as betrayal of the “special relationship”. Consequently, what these characters publish is only what is approved by their “friends”, and so they become crime press agents, receive monetary compensation or nice presents, trips, etc. Winner can’t write anything exposing Freeman after spending many happy nights with the guy at the casino tables, his only option is to defend the fucker.

    Don Winner started as someone who wanted to funnel new expats to the businesses of his little clique of advertisers/friends, and when that didn’t really work it moved towards those new expats who have less honorable motives for being in Panama. He gets obsessed with people like me or Eric Jackson who call him on it, because he knows they’re right and because this exposure undermines his position in that great fluffy network of crooks in Panama. He has been totally co-opted by these criminals. To some journalists this happens by accident, and they try to reverse the process. With Don Winner, it has been a deliberate career choice.

    Yes, it is pathetic, really. And these cases always lead to only one inevitable conclusion.

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