Monte Friesner steals identity of dead war hero for his schemes

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Convicted fraudster and internationally blacklisted "businessman" Monte Friesner may soon have to explain to the Panamanian authorities how dead Canadian war heroes can be sitting on the board of a Panamanian company that runs unlicensed and shady finance schemes.

On the website of One World Financial Solutions, one of the founders of that enterprise is listed as a "Mr. J. Douglas Crashley". His birth date is, supposedly, May 5th 1921, which would make him 88 years old today. However, it turns out that Mr. Crashley is, in fact, dead. You can see that for yourself, here. He died in 2003, according to that website. Oddly enough, the Carlyle Coutts domain name was purchased first in that same year. We somehow find it difficult to believe that Mr. Crashley's last wish was to buy an internet domain name together with a convicted serial fraudster.

But here's where it gets to be fraud: Carlyle Coutts was incorporated in 2005 and One World Financial Solutions was, according to the public registry, incorporated in 2007, three years after Crashley, the "founder", died!

It's also most interesting to read the biography of Mr. Crashley on the One World website:

# In May of 2004 Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation S.A., and many of the subsidiaries opened up the Head Office in the Republic of Panama and managed by Dr. Monte Friesner and Ms. Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova – Treasurer & Secretary of Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation S.A. and Financiera Pronto Cash S.A.

# For the past years Colonel J. Douglas Crashley, Mr. Lawrence B. Heath QC and Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation SA have been appointed, as Special Financial Advisors to numerous countries around the world and including major corporations, in which several Secured Capital Asset Portfolios and Creative Financing Portfolios have been structured.

"For the past years"..... Do they have a zombie working at the office? An undead? Is that why the site autostarts Ravel's Bolero whenever you open a page? Mind you, there is no mention at all that Crashley is no longer with us. Friesner is just abusing the name of a deceased decorated WW2 hero to add legitimacy  to his frauds.

Similarly, we have now proof that comments posted on our site by yet another veteran "founder" of One World, Mr. Lawrence B. Heath QC, are in fact authored by Monte Friesner himself. The real Mr. Heath would be, according to the One World website, 83 years old today.

Unsurprisingly, the main promoter of Friesner's other venture, the Panama Sailing School which forwards people to his financial outfits, is Don Winner's Panama Guide.

6 thoughts on “Monte Friesner steals identity of dead war hero for his schemes

  1. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for the One World Financial board meetings. What with a dead guy, a convicted fraudster with multiple personality disorder, a fake 83 year old QC lawyer and a Russian hooker on the board, I wonder if they often have trouble making quorum?

    Keep digging Okke! I have a feeling there is lots more fun to be had with this story!!!

  2. He is not diggin but making up false stateemnts. Carlyle Coutts was incorporated in Canada many years before Panama. Crashley is a Founding Memebr and not on the board fo the Panama company.

    [Editor’s note: Crashley’s biography reads: “# On January 4th, 2001, J. Douglas Crashley CD., and Lawrence B. Heath Q.C. undertook an innovative and major business venture and formed Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation S.A. Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation S.A. specializes in various credit facilities, asset management, venture capital, joint ventures, and an assortment of creative financial procedures. Dr. Monte Friesner appointed as Senior Corporate Counsel”.

    Note to readers: You can not incorporate a sociedad anonima in Canada. ]

  3. The guy is losing it. Trying to post all kinds of wacky comments. “This Monte Morris Friesner Guy Is A Bottomless Pit of Material”, but it may soon be time for those men dressed in white to take control.

  4. “Dr.” Monte Friesner is one of the most fun scammers we have had in a long while here in Panama. Please don’t deprive us of his whacky comments, Okke! The best part is when the scammers completely lose it and go off the deep end and start posting all kinds of insane crap, especially after they’ve had a few cocktails and especially when they have multiple personality disorder as does “Dr.” Friesner. Keep it comming Monte!!

  5. ‘Dr.’ Monte offered to ‘help’ a friend of mine get some financing here in Canada too not so long ago, but all it took was a couple of hours on the internet to reap all sorts of interesting information about this character. Needless to say, my friend lost interest in meeting with the ‘Dr.’.

    He must be getting a bit desperate now. It takes a lot of money to ‘operate’ at that level…..


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