Don Winner obsessively makes up shit – again

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Donald Kent Winner, the author/publisher of the Panama Guide blog who makes his money promoting scams, frauds and arms traffickers in Panama, has a "story" up claiming that your author is in Costa Rica, on the run from Panamanian authorities who have issued arrest warrants and placed your reporter on Interpol watch lists.

None of this is even remotely true. It's all made up, fantasy, libelous inventions by a sick mind who is obsessed with us for his own dark reasons. Yours truly is not in Costa Rica and hasn't been for quite some time. Nor am I on the run. Nor is there an "arrest warrant" as far as we can tell, and certainly not in the pele police toys as Winner falsely claims.

Mr. Winner earlier stated as fact that this website had been "taken down by the FCC" and that there were indictments in the US, Canada and Russia - all false. He also claimed that yours truly was in or on his way to Ecuador - which was also totally made up out of thin air.

We have no idea why scam pimp Don Winner - who until recently claimed a criminal libel case he filed against us was "making its way through the system" even when he had already lost the case a year ago - is so obsessed with your humble scribent to the point that he consistently lies and makes up childish shit, but it shows clearly that smoking crack of questionable quality is not good for you.

3 thoughts on “Don Winner obsessively makes up shit – again

  1. Maybe he thinks that you have photos of him engaging in an act of unspeakable perversion, so he’s trying to intimidate you in hopes that you won’t publish them.

    Show and tell, Okke! I wanna see the pics. Or at least hear lurid descriptions of their contents.

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