So which idiot in the Ministry of the Presidency invited Rush Limbaugh to Panama?

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Rush Limbaugh, here dressed up like a Russian mobster

Check this out: Some douchebag in the Ministry of the Presidency sent American racist, hate-monger and egomaniac nutcase Rush Limbaugh a letter inviting him to come to Panama instead of Costa Rica.

Limbaugh announced that he'd move to Costa Rica if Obama's health care package would be passed by congress, and then backed out of that promise - to the Costa Ricans's great relief.

Reads the letter from some brown-nosing official: "In addition, Panama has many of your like-minded patriotic Americans living here with us, former members of the US military that share your belief in American Exceptionalism, and, just as important, we have a current president that is a free market, free-trading, business minded fan of yours. "

Indeed! Are you guys CRAZY at the Ministry of the Presidency? We have already enough American nuttery and criminals here, plus an American clown as mayor of the capital; los groceros ya son más, we don't need no fucking Limbaugh! Cara de Piña was just flown to France and we would get this drug addict Russian mobster look-alike? No way, José!

Not that we're really worried: Limbaugh's immediate thought was that he was being conned: "I laughed myself silly.  This came in over the transom and we spent about two days trying to verify this", he said on his show. Gosh, he doesn't trust a letter from Panama's presidency.... at least the man has some common sense.

Anyway, here's the complete scan of the letter. We offer a Gouda cheese to the person who can prove to us who was the clown that stuck his nose that deep into Limbaugh's ass the author.

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3 thoughts on “So which idiot in the Ministry of the Presidency invited Rush Limbaugh to Panama?

  1. why do these guys always say it is a 2 hour flight to South Florida, when everyone knows it is a solid 3 hour flight? why bother lying about that?
    Just a small, but typical example about how everything you read about Panama written by it’s promoters is exagerated at least by 50%

  2. It appears Rush answered your question. In the transcript, he says “the minister of the presidency” when he gets to the end of the letter. That’d be Jimmy Papadimitriu. So I guess you’ll have to send the Gouda to “El Rushbo” himself.

    • I just can’t believe that Papadimitriu would make such a fool of himself and his country. But hey, this is Panama and there’s always a lower point to be reached.

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