Kenneth Rijock, or the narco laundry man strikes again

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rijock(UPDATED BELOW) - Kenneth Rijock, a drug money launderer who now works for career criminal Monte Friesner, needed some cash and thus wrote one of his habitual sleaze pieces on yours truly, my partner, and a humanitarian campaign to help Syrian refugees.

Here are the responses:

"Mr. Rijock & Co.: I’m writing today for two reasons. One being to mentally move past the awfulness. The other being Mr. Rijock’s most recent fabrication, which not only repeats obvious and easily disproved nonsense but tries to discredit a humanitarian organization that’s bringing food and clothing to victims of Syria’s civil war. All because of your three-plus year grudge against a journalist and blogger. Does this sort of thing bring you peace and joy? I believe that no one possessing basic sanity can feel good about lying and trying to harm others or smirch transparent efforts to serve war victims. You know that your words and actions are dishonest and disgraceful. Living with these burdens must weigh on you. May you find true and everlasting freedom."

Kimberlyn David on the Changemaker Communications website

And then:

(...) if he had just left it at his usual slander I’d have continued to ignore it. After all, there are no warrants for my arrest, I don’t have a criminal past nor present, and I travel freely wherever I want to go. Over the last months alone I visited Colombia, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Italy and I just got back from Costa Rica to Panama. Surely one of the border checkpoints would have picked me out if any warrant for my arrest or interpol notice indeed existed, but here I am, sitting at the edge of my pool while I’m typing this.

But today Kenneth Rijock the “financial crime consultant” reached a new low, not just by dragging my partner, the cool Kimberlyn David, into his toxic mix, but also by accusing a humanitarian campaign to help Syrian refugees of being “bogus”.

Okke Ornstein on his own website.

So what does Bananama Republic have to add to that? Not much. Rijock and Friesner, they can go to hell with their pathetic lives and fantasies.

UPDATE: Here's how stupid this Rijock really is: First he wrote that I had never traveled to Syria, and then days later he writes that I went to Syria on a terrorism finance mission. That's how these smear campaigns work: It doesn't matter if what is said is true or not; the important thing is that something, anything, is said to defame the target. Not even an attempt is made by this knucklehead to keep his story straight.

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