Where oh where is your editor?

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This message was posted today on the Yahoo Group "Viviendo en Panama" and then sent about everywhere:

From: Clyde J <clydej@nwlink.com>
To: viviendo_en_panama@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Mon, July 11, 2011 7:50:28 AM
Subject: [viviendo_en_panama] Okke Ornstein -- Frida von Westerly

In 10 days, on the 21st of July at 9 am, the criminal trial of Okke Ornstein begins in the District Court. He is being tried for extortion and numerous other criminal acts. If he does not appear, he will be tried in absentia. If convicted he will be arrested if he ever returns to Panama. That is assuming that he is not presently in Panama.

The prosecutor has 11 witnesses, but is trying to locate a Frida Vo(a)n Westerly to also testify. It is possible that Westerly does not really exist and is only one of the fake personas that Okke has used on the internet. If you have information concerning Ms. Westerly please contact me directly. Also, if you have any information as to the location of Okke Ornstein please contact me.

Okke has another half dozen criminal actions pending against him in Panama and, if my sources are to be believed, two actions pending against him Holland.


Clyde Jenkins

"Clyde" is actually Clyde Jenkins, a truly imbecile American expatriate who moved from Panama to Colombia but continues to brown-nose scam pimp Don Winner and the crooks he promotes. Not too long ago, yours truly obtained restraining orders against both Jenkins and Winner to stop them from harassing me and my family. Both gentlemen saw criminal defamation cases they filed against this reporter quickly dismissed.

After first having had to debunk bizarre stories by Don Winner on how your editor was indicted in Russia, Canada, and the US, how we were running from Panamanian justice to Costa Rica and to Ecuador at the same time, how this and other websites had been closed down by the American FCC - all demonstrated to be total fabrications - we are now supposed to believe that there is "the" trial, that there are "cases" in Holland and that Mr. Jenkins somehow acts on behalf of the Panamanian Public Ministry while living in some cheap Colombian shithole.

Well, as Obama famously put it to Martinelli, "Keep on dreaming". Or maybe Clyde Jenkins is another one of those fake diplomats employed by Monte Friesner to "represent Panama"?

Your editor just spent two months in Holland and there are no "cases" there. Neither has your editor been notified of any trial. No idea who Mrs. Westerly is either.

Question remains: Where is this reporter? Please feel free to email tips and suggestions to Clyde Jenkins. The more bizarre, the better - he likes that. His email: clydej@nwlink.com.

13 thoughts on “Where oh where is your editor?

  1. clyde is just a perfidious little miserable Man!

    Who wants to be a big fish in a very little pond!

    clyde and his wanker shag buddy still do not realize that are considered lower than bottom feeders by the Panamanians.

    They both think that are ‘A” listers on a zero listers dance card!

    The mental old whore monger and his wanna be shag buddy who believes he is some sort of a real bona fided Journalist!

    They really conceptualize themselves to have some sort of validity here in Panama!

    Any so-called sources clyde and the wanker quote are mostly informants, associates of the Human traffickers and Narco money launderers, they both defend, use, socialize with and profess to know so much about?!

    It is No wonder the US Embassy and the other foreign Embassies do not add or even consider them to be listed as desirable guest.

  2. The rogue reporter Ornstein fled to Afghanistan to yet again cover the conflict
    there but was captured in a dingy bar located far from the main hotel that housed the other foreign reporters.

    During the first two days of captivity, Ornstein and his Afghan translator were optimistic about being released. Then more Taliban came to the hide-out and taunted the captives about an Italian journalist who was freed while his Afghan interpreter was beheaded.

    The menace grew — until British commandos launched a rescue raid. The reporter survived; his Afghan colleague died in a volley of gunfire as he shouted “Journalist! Journalist!” Four others, including a British soldier, also were killed.

    The whereabouts of Ornstein are presently unknown. It is believed that he was
    headed for Tibet.

  3. “Winnie and Clyde” could be an appropriate nick for the notorious duo of defamation. If they base their allegations on the right of free speech, it might be a good idea to add the condition that free speech requires an author has to be able to provide sources as to avoid prosecution for harfmul slander.

    Welcome back, hope the holiday in Holland was nice.

  4. Message from Clyde Jenkins!

    Okke, you’re dumber than a rock. Your biggest mistake is in thinking that your smarter than everyone else; that will ultimately be your downfall. You are, in fact, scheduled for trial at 9 am on the 21st in District Court 15 in Ancon. Your court appointed attorney will be there along with court certified interpreters in both Dutch and English. It doesn’t make any difference if you’re there or not, the trial will not be postponed and if you do not appear, you’ll be tried in absentia and if convicted, sentenced to prison with no opportunity to buy a “get out of jail free” card.
    Although you are hiding out in Costa Rica (your ISP gave that away) if you try to enter Panama using your or your brother’s passport you will be arrested. Let’s see if you are, in fact, a man of courage as you would like to lead people to believe, or a coward whois doomed to spend the rest of his days in hiding.

    It’s good to know I am safely in Costa Rica. I suppose I will simply await extradition procedures to commence.

  5. Is it true that there will be heavy security at the courthouse, so that there will be no raids by Bananamista terrorists or Dutch commandos, unless they have paid the guards a sufficient bribe?

  6. Eric, the embassy just assured me that, just in case, the HMS de Ruyter is on its way to the Panamanian coast and will be ready to intervene should such be necessary. Of course it won’t, because as we all know I am in Costa Rica because Clyde says so.

  7. I believe the editor underwent extensive plastic surgery to alter his appearance during his hiatus abroad and he has returned to Panama and is currently working as a watchiman at the jolly Habanos, I saw him there last night, I am certain.

  8. I swear I thought Okke was the “mystery” CIA agent who actually found Osama. he was the one guy that was just out of camera range in the now infamous picture of the situation room where all waited with baited breath for Okke to give “the word”. He has been squirreled away by the Pentagon since. THAT’S why his is in Costa Rica.

  9. Okke,

    Tomorrow’s the big day. Are you ready for it? I’m sorry that your attorney couldn’t get the trial postponed until October like you requested, but it seems that the judge was just friggin tired of your delays. This will be your best chance to show all of your fan club what a brave and brilliant journalist you are as you face the judge and your accusers and bring them to their knees as you victoriously leave the court room with your head held high, a free and vindicated man.

    I know that there are those who will say that you’re nothing but a cowardly slim bag who doesn’t have the guts to return to Panama to expose that fake justice system, but I know that you’re made of much sterner stuff.

    May the hemorrhoids of Allah bleed blessings upon your house.

    Your bestest buddy

    • Your editor in AmsterdamWell Clyde, my lawyer didn’t request anything because I don’t have a lawyer in this circus. So that’s a kind of proof again that you’re just making it up as you go along. Other than that, here’s a picture of me in Amsterdam, showing no plans to attend any show trial in Panama – if indeed there is any – because you or your scammer friends or some corrupt prosecutor or judge suffer from flatulence. Of course I could be persuaded, maybe, with a first class KLM return ticket, but I won’t hold my breath. I assume you’re flying in from Colombia for this non-event?

  10. But is it true?

    Regardless of whether you were notified or not, is what Clyde (who is a little shit as far as I am concerned) just spouting bull or are criminal proceedings actually taking place against you?

    • We’ll find out soon enough which part is true and which is not. I mean, these people just make everything up (11 witnesses? What happened to them?) so better get the info from the source. I have people on that.

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