Rats come out of the woodwork

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Who the hell is dumbass Kenneth Rijock? He used to be a money launderer. Then he got caught and was thrown in jail. When he got out, he tried to make a living as a consultant on money laundering and doing speaking gigs. Apparently, that didn't pan out too well, because now he's in cahoots with Monte Friesner. It's really, really sad if you have to get in bed with Friesner in order to survive, but Rijock isn't picky about the dicks he sucks and now repeats Friesner's wacky theories about yours truly on his blogspot which he calls a "financial crime blog". That means that he helps financial criminals, for money. He also claims to be connected to Global World-Check, at world-check.com, a Reuters company that dabbles in due diligence and stuff like that. Friesner himself, meanwhile, has left the country as his Pronto Cash outfit is being investigated by the financial crime unit of the Public Ministry and other regulators. MasterCard is reconsidering its dealings with Pronto Cash as well.

Rijock isn't the only rat to come out of the woodwork these days. We just received an uplifting message:

From: Truth Seesu


You lying sons of bitch, you'd fuck your mother to get traffic and to create controversy. You don't care who you fuck. You've been hung in the balance and found wanting. Impoverished wit, slime spreader, 2nd hander, you live off the creativity of others.

Now where did that come from? From our good friends over at EscapeArtist.com of course!

Sent from (ip address): (ea3.escapeartist.com)
Date/Time: April 1, 2012 10:20 PM
Coming from (referer): http://www.bananamarepublic.com/contact/
Using (user agent): Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 5.1; U; Edition United
States Local; en) Presto/2.10.229 Version/11.61

So that's either Roger Gallo - the great Houdini himself - or the international marketing manager for Escape Artist, fraud man Tom McMurrain. U mad? Maybe about this?

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  1. Even the positive things /news out of Panamá is spun 180 degrees opposite, great becomes an illusion, too good becomes too good to be true or is so worn out by websites it’s years stale

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