Mark Boswell going broke?

Winner (L) and Boswell (R)

Yee-haw! Olé! Everybody down to the poolside bar! Yes, dear reader, it is that time of the year again, the inmates have escaped from the asylum, the posse of terrorist and scam pimp Donnie the Wanker is on the prowl, so get ready for the fun and let the good times roll! Champagne! Rum! Keep your hand on your wallet!

Please welcome our guest of honor for tonight, ladies and gentlemen – a man who knows what winning is, and a man who knows what losing is; a man with a spotless track record in the wonderful, yes, wonderful world of online gambling scams and financial fraud! Messieurs-dames, faites vos jeux! Click those links! Rien ne va plus! You just lost all your money!

Are you ready? All having your glasses filled? Do you feel this electricity in the air, this sense of expectation, of thrill, of adrenaline? Because here is our Wacko of the Night, this walking mental disease who went from militia wombat to failed offshore hustler, the one, and the only, Mark Boswell!

Yes, my dear guests, down here in tropical Lala-Land we celebrate when crooks and thieves stay out of reach of Costa Rican arrest warrants after having been released from the pokey up North. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the parallel universe of the Scam Pimp Don Winner Crime Bordello, together with – is that indeed Monte Friesner who just came in, arm in arm with Clyde Jenkins? Shouldn’t someone be taking pictures of Patrick Visser there in that dark corner, doing something we shouldn’t name here with that sick old cock Roger Gallo of Can someone please serve Tom McNoni McMurrain another drink? Isn’t this all just great fun?

In case you didn’t know, my dear guests, you are currently finding yourself at a fundraiser party for our star of the evening, formerly known as “Rex Freeman” and now reborn as Mark Boswell. We all know that he doesn’t just feel alone, but things haven’t been going too well for him scam-wise either. He needs a bit of attention and some positive exposure after Eric Jackson first caught him with his pants down running a financial pushbutton and then punched him with a humiliating defeat in court. And then I, your humble host tonight, an evil creator of mayhem in his own blog, kicked him even further down into the gutter where our poor heroic madman now lives with the rats:

Do you prefer to associate with those who will lift us all up to higher standards of the human experience by their own example? Or do we prefer to get dragged down into the gutter and live with the rats? It’s a personal choice for all of us.

Well, this man, this tribute to cuckoo’s nests everywhere in the world, our own Mark Emery Boswell, made his personal choice and the rats are having a party tonight, ladies and gentlemen, right down there in that very gutter!

Please help Boswell, because his “fellow victims” won’t! Put your money in his next scheme – he’ll work hard to steal everything and then say his ex-wife took it – and give him some moral support at his free website or his super-private and secret email!

P.S.: When you leave the party, don’t forget your papers!

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Okke Ornstein is an award winning journalist, TV/Radio producer and photographer from the Netherlands and currently based in Panama. Specialized in high-impact investigative journalism, his work has led to arrests, questions in parliament and the downfall of many frauds and swindles.

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