The Lord of the Sword

Once upon a time, there lived this great liberator of Latin America, Simon Bolivar. And he had a sword. A magic sword. It could chop off the heads of enemies in one blow and would shine in the dark. Long ago, it used to be on display in Bolivar's house in Bogotá, now a museum. Then it was taken by the mighty forces of the M19. Then Pablo Escobar, Lord of Coca, put it on a wall in his bedroom. Then there were stories told by the elders that Commander Fidel Castro had it to ward off the hostile forces of evil coming from the North. And today, according to a video posted on the Youtubes, the Farcses have it!

Panama will end tyranny of the left in Latin America

Panama is conspiring with other healthy right-wingers in the hemisphere to have that communist José Miguel Insulza removed as secretary-general of the Organization of American States (OAS) and replaced by a narco-mayor. And we've launched an attack against ALBA and Morales and his environmental summit too!

Todos contra los neoliberales

El 24 de marzo todos somos bienvenidos en el hotel Marriott en la conferencia "Panamá, está sucediendo ahora" para las personas que quieren invertir y enriquecerse aquí. Es gratis! Así que, ¡regístrate ahora con Bananama Republic a sumarse a esta conferencia! Lideres empresariales, aquí vienen los pobres!

Homer W. Forster a/k/a “Dr. Leonard Adams” sentenced

Homer W. Forster, a former associate of Tom McMurrain's noni and teak swindle San Cristobal and also known as "Dr. Leonard Adams," has been sentenced last Friday 2/2 to the maximum sentence under his plea agreement: 51 months incarceration in a federal facility with 3 years supervised release and $1.7 million in restitution.

Homer W. Forster arrested

International criminal Homer W. Forster was arrested in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Forster is a fugitive from US justice, wanted for fraud, embezzlement and passport fraud, and advised criminals on how to launder money.