The Lord of the Sword

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Once upon a time, there lived this great liberator of Latin America, Simon Bolivar. And he had a sword. A magic sword. It could chop off the heads of enemies in one blow and would shine in the dark. Long ago, it used to be on display in Bolivar's house in Bogotá, now a museum. Then it was taken by the mighty forces of the M19.  Then Pablo Escobar, Lord of Coca, put it on a wall in his bedroom. Then there were stories told by the elders that Commander Fidel Castro had it to ward off the hostile forces of evil coming from the North.

And today, according to a video posted on the Youtubes, the Farcses have it! The video (watch it below) shows how the Colombian warriors have a holy celebration for the powers of the sword, led by Ivan Marquez, the Lord of the Sword. And, speaks the Lord of the Sword:

"Comrades! This is the Sword of the Struggle, the Sword of Combat of the Liberator Simon Bolivar, which accompanied him during his last days of solitary death, when everything smelled of treason. (...) It was rescued from the insides of a colonial catacomb on the seashores near Santa Marta, where it was buried, hidden for decades behind thick walls, so that it never would be found ever again. (...) But it silently resisted the passing of time and saltpeter to become once again the cause of glory and triumph of all the peoples of the continent!"

We just wish we could write lines like that.

Then he calls for everybody to rise up and unite behind the Sword, which will shine again in the first line of fire, opening new pathways of Hope.

More guerrillas appear, and there is a shant and singing and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Holy Sword. "Attention! Attention! Now walks the Sword of Bolivar for Latin America!"

Enfin, this video is a must-watch we suppose. And the Goblins of our Fronterizas better be careful down there in the Darien. The Lord of the Sword is coming!

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