Panama supports Insulza, right-wingers have egg in faces

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Remember how we reported to you that Panama was going to put an end to leftist tyranny in Latin America by joining a sinister plot to oust OAS leader José Miguel Insulza?

Well, as we were writing, the first expected cracks already showed up in the coalition of the right. Colombia announced that it would support Insulza after all. They didn't have enough votes anyway, even with Colombia. It was, in short, a lot of hot air.

The intellectually impaired, however, were all over the thing. Wrote one of these banana analysts:

I hope the OAS tosses José Miguel Insulza out on his ass. He's proven to be an extreme-leftist who is out of touch with the vast majority of Latin Americas right now. And, if the United States, Canada and Mexico would like to see him gone, then it's practically a done deal. This vote will indicate how the political winds are blowing across Latin America, and I sense a shift to the right, which is bad news for José Miguel Insulza.

Hahahahaha! Using this guy's own indicators, there is a shift further to the left! Let me break the news to you all - in English, that is, because that same publication simply ignored it when it was proven wrong, again. Panama will support the reelection of Insulza. Why? Because the plot wasn't going anywhere from the start and because the man is simply a very good diplomat. So there.

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