“Maleantes de mierda”, anyone?

So let's see: We have a police chief who ought to be prosecuted by an international court for war crimes. His advisor and the head of the SPI can't legally have these jobs because of their past. The Attorney General is a Martinelli puppet who got his position because of sleazy and illegal politics which have landed Panama before the Inter American Court. The mayor of Panama City is a corrupt clown who steals and lied about becoming an American citizen. And these people say that some protesters are the "maleantes de mierda"?

Bringing down the war criminal Gustavo Pérez

It looks like Martinelli and his crowd will put their heels in the sand and stick with policy and a police chief that nobody wants. After the vulgar show of sacking the Attorney General this is yet another example that Martinelli lacks the qualities to be a statesman as he clings to his mistakes like a spoiled child.