PRD just can’t wrap its head around police chief war crimes

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Gustavo Perez de la Ossa, condemned hostage taker

The PRD is in internal conflict. On one side, they just love to be able to slam Martinelli with his police chief who was thrown out of the police force in 1990 for having committed the war crime of taking civilian hostages during the 1989 US invasion.

On the other hand, this whole hostage deal was a sort of their own thing. They were the ones who were running the show, the military, and Gustavo Perez de la Ossa. And such coward policy of taking civilian hostages was typical for the PRD rulers.

So, contradictory statements come out of the PRD cupola. First they attacked Martinelli in a communique last Saturday:

El director de la PN fue dado de baja en 1990 por afectar el prestigio de la institución, al cometer una acción que la Convención de Ginebra tipifica como delito grave; sin embargo, lo que ha hecho el Gobierno es expresarle su apoyo y ahora monta otra campaña de ataques contra sus críticos.

Then yesterday, March 1st, they released another statement, with no mention at all of Gustavo Perez or the Geneva Convention. To add to the confusion, a "clarification" was then also sent, saying that they never sent the first statement and that they never expressed any opinion about the crimes committed by Perez. HoraCero has neatly lined up the three PRD releases, for your entertainment.

And where's Perez himself? In Israel, traveling with Martinelli.

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