Police shoots at crowd from helicopters, Martinelli nowhere to be found

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Sights of Changuinola today

The latest from Changuinola, Bocas del Toro, is that the police opened fire on protesting and rioting crowds from a helicopter, Bananama Republic has learned. Union leaders are taken away by these helicopters as well, a source in Bocas commented. It's not known where they will be taken.

Meanwhile, three policemen taken prisoner by activists fear for their lives, saying that "the people here are very angry because of the dead activist", and beg the government to exchange prisoners, Telemetro reports.

Nobody seems to know where president Martinelli is at this moment. Reportedly, ministers have only talked with him on the phone.Has anyone actually seen him?

Last but not least: TV journalists covering events in Bocas complain that their stations don't air their reports. Some have taken to posting unedited material on YouTube - links to follow.

2 thoughts on “Police shoots at crowd from helicopters, Martinelli nowhere to be found

  1. Exactly 23 years after “Viernes Negro” (Black friday), the brutal repression of Noriega ´s “Dobermans” on 7/10/1987 against Civilians…
    This people has not learned from past mistakes so it is bound to repeat them

  2. What did get from the promises that martinelle gave? Its always the same history through all the world and ages.

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