Al Giordano’s authentic smear

One can always count on Giordano to deliver those who lost their livelihoods or their lives, or family members, another kick in the balls. Smearing a filmmaker who lost his life, chastising a man who lost his wife for not being emotional enough when he gives a speech - there's really no depth to which he won't sink.

Poop fest at the sausage factory

The government alliance is falling apart and they're slinging shit all over the place with new and ever wackier laws. Meanwhile, highways collapse and there's no potable water.

CPJ demands release of Panamanian journalist

The Committee to Protect Journalists demands that Panamanian journalist Carlos Núñez López be released immediately by the Panamanian authorities, saying that "the verdict should be voided, Núñez should be released, and Panama’s legislature must eliminate all criminal penalties for defamation.”

Desperate Martinelli takes the bait, files wacky libel complaint

Of course it was only a matter of time before short-fused Martinelli and his government of muñecos de la mafia would take the bait that Costa Rican online paper El País has been dangling in front of their noses for over a week now, publishing allegations that connect Martinelli with money laundering, drug trafficking and wholesale corruption. And, yes! Martinelli took it hook, line and sinker and announced today that he would start legal action against the publication.