Poop fest at the sausage factory

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The government alliance is falling apart and they're slinging shit all over the place. First, vice-president Varela had to step in and twist arms to prevent the Narco99 crowd of Martinelli's Cambio Democratico from inserting the possibility that Martinelli could be reelected into constitutional reforms. Martinelli had earlier promised to support the candidacy of that same Varela for the next presidential elections.

And then we learned that the salami slappers at the National Assembly are going to seriously debate a proposal by one of their simian colleagues to have anyone who offends the president or any other elected official sent to jail.

Of course we're already trying to figure out how to maximize breaking that law, if it passes.

Martinelli himself, meanwhile, is in Arkansas enjoying a football game. Panama City is almost a month without regular potable water now because IDAAN can't run a water plant. The collapsed highway leading to the Centennial Bridge should never have been built on a landfill, engineers have concluded. Panama is literally falling apart at a speed only seen under Noriega.

8 thoughts on “Poop fest at the sausage factory

  1. Panama has been falling apart ever since Noriega left, the only difference is this time they’re doing it without United States assistance. That’s what they get for ignoring their past!

  2. IDAAN has never functioned as a quality water department anywhere just read the national newspapers daily even more so in the smaller interior towns. But then again no meters in most cases etc you have the government / water company you deserve.

  3. “los arrastrados somos mas”…
    When a govt punishes journalists it´s because they have heavy loads of shit to hide…

  4. IS The Panamanian Government monetarily broke i.e. out of Money?

    Not just Morally broke and Corrupted!

    There is no money for Maintenance for any of the Ministries for spare parts or funds to overhaul or repair any of the needed infrastructures for the Country of Panama.

    These Ministries are responsible for the health, happiness and well being for the peoples of Panama, Period!

    They have all committed massive misfeasance beyond what Panama and it people can now endure!

    No clean safe drinkable water and massive water shortage for the Five largest Cities in Panama, no spare pumps or hygienic filtration filters and/or spares equipment(approximately two Million individuals without safe clean usable drinkable water in the Country of Panama with a population of 3.35 million now[Sources: La Prensa, Panama American, TVN and Telemetro] ).

    No essential bridge , street, road and highway maintenance and repair!

    Food prices that have climbed 10% or more year for the last five years.

    Electrical rates which have increase and not retreated as promised.

    Exports of Fish, meat, and produce off by 88% this year alone.(Sources: La Prensa, Panama American, TVN and Telemetro)

    This Panamanian Government does not understand the plight , the hardship, the poor and underprivileged which are the vast Majority of the People that live and work here in Panama!

    This Panamanian Government lives in a insane highly corrupted opulent alternate State that only exist behind their gated, fortified compounds, Beach Condo’s, and Finca ‘s Protected by their National Police force and Private body guards paid for by the Panamanian People!

    “In 2010, the balance of the debt(Panamanians Government National Central Debt) closed at $11,000, 585,000.00 a mere $613 million more than the end of 2009 according to the Panamanian National Economic Council and Alberto Vallarino, Minister of Economy and Finance(MEF). (source La Prensa, 7 Jan 2011)

    “The Panamanian National Economic Council also approved a new credit line of 500 Million with the Banco Nacional de Panama.

    The minister of The Panamanian National Economic Council explained that this is a line of credit that usually credited to meet the expenses in the first half of the year and closes at the end of the year when the state receives as much income(source La Prensa, 7 Jan 2011).”

    Are the Major Panamanian Banks really solvent ?

    When The Panamanian National Economic Council has to give one of the biggest Banks in Panama capital to operate and function??

    The fiscal loss incurred by the Government in 2010 amounted to $ 820.2 million, $ 248.3 million more than during the previous year, according to the information handled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

    These figure represents the sum of subsidies, incentives and tax exemptions granted by the Government.

    Some of them are shown in the budget as expenditures, others are revenues foregone.

    The increase was mainly due to increased direct subsidies granted $ 439.5 million in 2010 compared with $ 252.4 million in 2009.

    These include the “100 to 70”, which represented an expense of $ 112.7 million in 2010, and the subsidy to the pension program of the Social Insurance Fund – $ 125 billion.

    In a recent conversation, “the Minister of Economy and Finance, Alberto Vallarino, described as immoral the abuse of this type of aid, the Government should be able to better manage the electricity subsidy”.

    The University of Panama given $120 Million for the Panatroplis property near Tocumen International Airport project by the Panamanian Government(Sources: La Prensa, Panama American, TVN and Telemetro)

    The CSS budget deficit for 2011 will reach over $400 Million alone!

    The ACP gave only $800 million to the The Panamanian National Economic Council for the national treasury a drop in the bucket(Sources: La Prensa, Panama American, TVN and Telemetro)!

    What about IDAAN, MOP, MEDUSA, National Police, MIDA, ANAN, and all the other sundry Ministries who budgets have grown out of control without even performing their basic due diligence that is mandated by the Panamanian Constitution, Law, Presidential Executive Directive, and Regulations which are not benefiting the working people of Panama.

    Panama is nothing more than a highly corrupted authoritarian Right Wing “BOSS TWEED” Government!

    Panama has become it own enemy!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  5. Panama has infrastructure that they can hardly do maintenance for and each of these grotesque creatures that go into the presidencia keep piling more infrastructure that will have no maintenance. Right now we have no water in most of Panama City but we are going to build a Metro. I keep asking how are we going to pay for all this (which includes all the other recent infrastructure, the cinta costera, the canal expansion, the corredores that the current administration wants to buy, plus all the interest of past loans) and yet nobody wants to give me a coherent answer. Hmmm… maybe if Panama invests a million in one of the mega lotteries in the US maybe we will make some extra money to pay for some of this!

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