Russian Duma report implicates Monte Friesner in massive looting

The Russian State Duma (parliament) issued a report last year in which Monte Friesner (Монте Морис Фризнер), Lawrence B. Heath (Лоренс Хиз) and their company Carlyle-Coutts Capital Corporation S.A. are accused of laundering massive amounts of stolen funds from the former Soviet Union. In Panama, the political and legal protection of Friesner's scams continues.

Petaquilla spill result of fraud

According to its own environmental impact study, an emergency tank should already have been there in January, before they started operations. Why Petaquilla was allowed to start operating without having complied with that condition in an area that gets vast amounts of rain year-round is anyone's guess.

The perverted fantasies of Giselle Burillo

The cheap attempt to use Palacios's suspicious reappearance as some sort of "evidence" that the government did nothing wrong and is being falsely accused is a dumb and transparent ploy to distract from the indisputable fact that Martinelli's gang of thugs did kill at least 4 people in Bocas, and likely more. Including small children.

Panamax 2010 arms fair trains wacky coup scenario

This year, inspired by events in Bocas, they have created a new doom scenario to practice: an indigenous coup d'etat. This would of course be a clear danger to the Canal, because everybody knows that mafiosi are to be fully trusted running the waterway and indigenous banana planters are not.

Palacios reappears, walks on water

We don't know about you, dear reader, but we have tremendously enjoyed the great Palacios show over the last days. He was missing. The police said "we know nutting". Then everybody got angry and demanded an investigation and, voilá! There was Palacios!