The perverted fantasies of Giselle Burillo

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Giselle Burillo has perverted dreams

Our government is completely isolated locally and internationally, but some of its members still don't get it. Minister Giselle Burillo, for example, is quoted in El Panama America saying that there is a "perverse conspiracy" against the government by civil society groups that want to "undermine democracy" in Panama.

She then goes on about how human rights groups claimed that Valentín Palacios was missing (which indeed he was) and how they blamed the government (he was in their custody) and how the activist groups are to blame for the massacre in Bocas.

Where does Martinelli find these wackos for his government, one wonders?

The cheap attempt to use Palacios's suspicious reappearance as some sort of "evidence" that the government did nothing wrong and is being falsely accused is a dumb and transparent ploy to distract from the indisputable fact that Martinelli's gang of thugs did kill at least 4 people in Bocas, and likely more. Including small children.

Panama has been widely condemned internationally for the excessive use of force in Bocas, but the douchebags in charge haven't gotten the news yet, it seems.

Meanwhile, La Prensa reports that no less than 17 union leaders will be charged with "attacking the security of the Canal". The Panamanian Inquisition public ministry's Tomás de Torquemada Angél Calderon maintains that, during a public meeting to coordinate protests, these leaders have said they would make the Canal a target. Laborers working on the Canal expansion project went on strike for days to renegotiate their contract after the government had unilaterally canceled some clauses.

6 thoughts on “The perverted fantasies of Giselle Burillo

  1. Isn’t she the one who jumped sinking PRD ship pre-elections? and the one whose 21-year old daughter was named consul, or something like that, in Canada? If indeed she is, I am sure going to take whatever this sellout has to say to heart.

  2. Yep, she’s even one of the founders of the PRD. Her daughter is indeed consul in Toronto, and her sister has a high position in the embassy in Costa Rica.

    Qué asco!

  3. At long last Alice has gone through the looking glass darkly and tumbled down the rabbit hole. The Queen of Hearts nor the Mad Hatter must be the ones writing the scripts for these morons. “Off with her head”, screamed the Queen of Spades. Hmmm. I wonder if Il Duce is sexually conflicted?

  4. Just another Panamanian Hack Politician who is now fiddling while Rome burns!

    Lining their own pockets at the expense of ill educated that they profess to care about!

    Now it seems all the Panamanian Political parties are now know different from one another!

    All have the same goal!

    To fleece all the natural resources and put as much cash into their own hands!

    When ever the natural resources and monies become available for them to steal from Panama and it’s people!!

  5. Whenever a politician speaks of democratic ideals it means they are doing something illicit or are covering something illicit already done. The hipocracy of these people is breathtaking.

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