Martinelli in serious money trouble

Martinelli faces a deficit of $2.5 billion on a $15 billion budget. With $4.5 billion disappearing into the black hole called "corruption" and Panamanians willing to riot to prevent him from selling off state assets, the supermarket baron is effectively out of funding.

PRD mud: Lewis and Lord Ashcroft

Lewis Navarro is business partner of one Lord Ashcroft, an important donor to the British Conservative Party and entangled in a myriad of financial and bribery scandals in Belize and the rest of the Caribbean.

Coup threat in Panama

With a police force that increasingly behaves as if it's above the law and sub-director Eduardo Serracin threatening a coup d'etat, Panama has not been this unstable since 1989.

¿Qué SOPA?

Disgraced Colombian corrupt intelligence slut Maria Pilar Hurtado yesterday joined the first international cyberwar against internet censorship from her Panamanian hideout - siding with the censors, of course.