A night with the cacica

An attempt to overthrow Ngobe cacica Silvia Carrera appears to have been soundly defeated as she receives massive support. No wonder, we say, after having met her a couple of times.

Ngobe fed up with ongoing construction of Barro Blanco

The Martinelli administration is using the San Lorenzo agreement as a shield to finish construction of Barro Blanco asap. However, your Bananama Republic attended various meetings in the comarca over the last days, and it became very clear that a vast majority of the population is willing to take to the streets again to stop the Barro Blanco dam from being built.

Colon Free Zone protests turn into broad anti-Martinelli movement

What we're seeing is protest that goes beyond coercing the government into dropping its CFZ sales plans. It's no longer against one piece of misguided policy; it is against Martinelli himself, his accomplices, against the constant abuses, the broken promises, the violence, the unprecedented mega-corruption and the fact that the highest economic growth in Latin America has not done anything to close the gap between rich and poor.