Martinelli changes tactics in mining battle

Did he, after weeks of battling it out in the streets with a furious Ngöbe Buglé population, tens of wounded, millions in damages, expelled journalists, an international storm of criticism and polls showing that a majority of Panamanians is against mining, finally see the light? We don't really believe that.

Oh my God, those indians shoot back!

If you invade you will be met with force, but this simple knowledge, passed from generation to generation over many millenniums, has somehow not reached the failed abortion that currently serves as our president.

Martinelli ramps up war on indians

Five children were killed in Bocas as a result of irresponsible government and police abuse, an official report says. Yet, Martinelli is getting ready for another war on the indigenous people; this time in Ngöbe-Buglé over mining rights.