Yesterday the legal counsel of David Murcia, Margarita Pabon, was extradited from Colombia to the United States, on charges of money laundering. As soon as the news of her extradition became known, the server of the Public Registry in Panama "crashed"....

Panama’s tourism minister implicated in arms trafficking by Colombian authorities

The picture of Salomon Shamah, who was born Colombian and naturalized Panamanian and is now minister of tourism and a key figure in Panama's relations with Israel, is part of documentation revealed by Colombian sources in which also other members of Martinelli's government are exposed. It is not clear when Colombia's security service DAS pinpointed Shamah as part of the trafficking network that supplied Colombia's various armed groups with weapons.

Varela the Mouse roars

Vice-president Varela warns the FARC for the last time! And wants his company to pay for carnival and getting people drunk, but not for ambulances.