The day after the week before

Street battle may be over in Bocas del Toro and daily life may slowly resume in the town of Changuinola, but we're only now getting a first glimpse at the size of the stinking mess president Martinelli and his government have caused.

Martinelli loses grasp of reality

While Martinelli was doing imitations of Charlie Chaplin playing Hitler, the protest march that was held in the real world was entirely peaceful, and the biggest of such events since those held against Martin Torrijos's social security reforms, about five years ago.

CHAOS in the Assembly: Salami Fest in second debate

We're getting instant updates from environmental activists who have made their way into the National Assembly in an attempt to put an end to the "sausage law" that eliminates the need for environmental impact studies for Martinelli-approved projects; violates the workers' right to strike and gives the police total impunity for whatever crimes they commit.