Blow-Up: The PAMAGO Conspiracy

Nobody had noticed what was really going on. Suspicions, yes, but nothing that anyone could put his finger on. They had everything covered. But Antinori had overlooked one thing, one thing that would come back to haunt him. He had not counted with the possibility of a leak.

Palacios reappears, walks on water

We don't know about you, dear reader, but we have tremendously enjoyed the great Palacios show over the last days. He was missing. The police said "we know nutting". Then everybody got angry and demanded an investigation and, voilá! There was Palacios!

Gomez conviction another nail in Martinelli’s coffin

The conviction of Ana Matilde Gomez, attorney general of Panama and prosecuted by Martinelli's yes-men because she tapped the phone of a victim (at the victim's request) of extortion by a corrupt prosecutor,is yet another act of political self-immolation by Martinelli and his clique of mobsters.

Pizza Martinelli

Our pizza government hasn't just swept major corruption cases under the carpet; they also appoint their unqualified family and friends as ambassadors, consuls and in other high places, in true mafia fashion.