Martinelli: Foreigners, shut up!

Your Bananama Republic - headed by a foreign journalist as well - doesn't think Martinelli has the stature to forbid us anything. Or, it takes a lot more than some xenophobic third world despot to stop us from protesting whenever the hell we want.

Martinelli ramps up war on indians

Five children were killed in Bocas as a result of irresponsible government and police abuse, an official report says. Yet, Martinelli is getting ready for another war on the indigenous people; this time in Ngöbe-Buglé over mining rights.

The day after the week before

Street battle may be over in Bocas del Toro and daily life may slowly resume in the town of Changuinola, but we're only now getting a first glimpse at the size of the stinking mess president Martinelli and his government have caused.

CPJ demands release of Panamanian journalist

The Committee to Protect Journalists demands that Panamanian journalist Carlos Núñez López be released immediately by the Panamanian authorities, saying that "the verdict should be voided, Núñez should be released, and Panama’s legislature must eliminate all criminal penalties for defamation.”