Harassment of activists and journalists full steam ahead

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Bonissi's thugs beat up Panamanian photographer

Bonissi's thugs beat up Panamanian photographer

Our fearless mobster rulers have a new hobby: harassing journalists and activists.

Couple of days ago, a photographer of El Panama America was beaten up by fake-procurador Bonissi's security guards after taking pictures of the man partying away with a couple of unidentified women. Then, he was beaten up again by a policeman who tried to erase the pictures from his camera. Next morning he went to file a complaint (what we don't understand is why EPASA let him do that alone, what a support for their people!) and was harassed again!

Meanwhile, Jean Michel Chery, director of El Siglo, says he's receiving (death) threats after publishing stories about higher government officials. Admittedly, Chery is a bit of a pussy (we get those type of threats every week here) but it fits the overall picture of repression, harassment and persecution that the Mafianelli government is exercising.

Last but not least, the Coca Cola café was, so many years after Heliodoro Portugal was kidnapped there by Omar Torrijos's maleantes de mierda, again the scene of government repression: The police arrested and detained environmental activist Olmedo Carrasquilla yesterday for "suspicious behavior". He was eating.

And there's more! Stay tuned...

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