Mayhem at the Assembly!

Martinelli is not an isolated phenomenon, but the product of a political and business environment that has been created and nurtured for decades by the same people who now pose as the saviors of democracy. It's a fight between factions of corrupt, rich elites, with ordinary Panamanians caught in the middle.

Boscolandia theme park closed

Martinelli told Bosco the Clown to resign or be thrown in jail. Bosco then put up a heroic fight by calling in sick and resigning the next day. Consequently, Paname├▒istas and other political retards are saying this was all a coup!

Budget approved by “4 gatos”

The Martinellistas approved the budget for the next year without there being a quorum to even have a vote, because the legislators are all out in the streets stealing and pillaging and getting drunk except for Bland├│n who is making a show of how terribly upstanding and honest he is.